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  • In 'a service engineers guide to the vox ac30 valve amplifier' p54 it says ac30's from have a chassis number in the range whereas those from are in the rangewhen i purchased the amplifier it had one original blue bulldog and a celestion g12 replacementjust prior to the previos owner purchasing it 33y ago it was professionally recovered using genuine vox componentsi have owned this amplifier for 15y and the previous owner had it for 18y - that's 33y of it's 55y life documentedthe serial number for this chassis is just over but the under chassis view matches the ac30/6 power supply and output stage on p27 of above guidethe vents were enlarged to improve ventilatuin at this timei turn it on and play it from time to time t keep the parts exercised and check it is fully workingthe previous owner documents the back panel serial number plate as this was missing at the timethis amp has been a treasured part of my life so the buyer will need to come to my house and go through everything with me before purchasingi purchased an age matched blue bulldog and replaced the celestion g12 to get a matching pair

    1950 €

  • The vox ac30 combo amp has been an icon for decades, known as the sound that powered the s' british invasionfantastic sound great conditionthis is the version with the 2 x blueback speakerscollection only read more


  • I would also consider a trade for a valve amplifier read moreit is not full valve, so it carries much less weight than the full valve version, and is a lot easier to take to gigsi got it as a back up for my main gigging amp, and it will only be used in emergencies, so it lives in the music room and used occasionally for practicethis amp sounds greatit also comes with a thick protective coveri have a great amp in fantastic condition for swapyou can check out the specs online to confirm what a great amp this isthe amp is in perfect condition as you can see from the pics, and it also in perfect working condition having been recently tested by guitar guitar

    350 €

  • This a wonderful little amp all the grunt of the ac30 but at living room volume but loud enough for a night out at pub (now we can go) this is a full valve amp the condition is as new and it works perfectly loads of reviews on the web and you tube can post at buyer’s risk read more

    120 €

  • vox ac30 c2 30 watt 2 x 12 valve combo & amp cover - mint! great condition! sounds superb! all specs will be uploaded later on today! collection only - delivery within reasonable distance any questions please just ask read more

    799 €

  • vox ac30 c2 with celestion g12 green back speakersin fantastic condition, minimal markings, comes with very handy and protective padded gig case

    600 €

  • Owned from new vox ac30 bc tv all valve guitar ampused only a dozen times, comes with made to measure coverin mint unmarked condition

    575 €

  • Original vox ac30 copper top great sound british made amplifier with celestion speakers

    2000 €

  • Original vintage vox ac30 copper top great sound british made amplifier with celestion greenback speakers

    1350 €

  • vox vt20+ valve amplifier (for electric guitar - not for electro-acoustic guitar) looks brand newprobably the best and most versatile small (but quite powerful) valve amp you can getit's loud for it's size (if you like it loud) there is a good review on youtube if you type - vox vt20+ guitar amp demo and reviewbut start it at the 3 minute markbuyer collects - (i cannot deliver it) bring an electric guitar if you want to try itcan create a lot of different sounds(i have an electro-acoustic which isn't really suited) please either text or email

    90 €

  • vox ac 30 cc 2x with alnico blue speakers call for more informationcc 2 amp head with marshal 2x12, speaker cab £650tm ref: -01 read more

    850 €

  • Vintage vox ac30 tube amp from the early scould do with a service, so priced accordingly40 years old, so condition is as you would expectoriginal speakerssad to see it go, but it doesn't get any use any moresensible offers consideredno reverb, as this was an optional extra, but does have vib/tremcollection onlysounds great, and gets really loud

    600 €

  • vox ac30 cc2x guitar amp. as good as new. collection only. read more

    900 €

  • I am selling my vox ac30 headphone guitar amp, i have only used it a couple of times and it is in brand new conditionit has an aux cable hole, fx button and gain, tone and volume controls

    30 €

  • vox ac30ch guitar amplifier - in pristine condition new quality tad valves installed, normal channel, top boost channel, reverb, tremolo and f/x loop - superb classic vox sounds - buyer to collect read more


    300 €

  • vox valvetronix combo amplifier with built in special fx boardgreat condition

    69 €

  • vox ac15vr combo amplifier 1x12" celestion speaker, not working power comes on but no sound

    100 €

  • vox ad30vt combo amplifier with 1x10" speaker, plus it has lots of effects, and features, in good condition

    60 €

  • Orange ad30-tc twin channel 30 watt valve amplifier & orange cover - mint! hardly used! superb condition! all specs will be uploaded later on today any questions please just ask collection only - maybe deliver within in reasonable distance read more

    995 €

  • Carlsbro cs60 valve amplifieroriginal transformerstotally re-valved and some new capacitorshandle requires attention

    185 €

  • Fender usa hot rod deluxe 40 watt valve amplifier black - great condition great condition all pics and specs will be uploaded very soon collection only! any questions please contact us read more

    525 €

  • Mint - marshall dsl 5c cowboy tolex 5 watt valve amplifier & footswitch hardly used! superb condition & sounds fantastic all specs and pics will be uploaded very soon! any questions please contact us! read more

    349 €

  • Vintage simms watts mkw guitar valve amplifier and 2x12

    650 €

  • Blackstar ht-1rh 1 watt valve amplifier amp head

    100 €

  • Marshall jmp lead & bass 20 valve amplifier head here we have is a lovely example of this classic amp, sounds fantastic!! all specs to follow any questions please contact us read more

    1695 €

  • vox ac30c2 tube guitar amplifier (limited edition blue) for sale is my vox ac30 guitar ampit has celestion greenback speakers (not blueback) the amplifier was used for studio recording/personal use only and has never been giggedi will happily send more images if requestedit is in great conditionitem is listed on other selling websites so may be removed if sold(the amp is pretty heavy however!) can't really offer delivery as item is too heavyany questions feel free to aski am looking for £650 or offers in the close region of as the item is in perfect working orderavailable in nottm ng4 postcode, but can move item to derby de22 quiet easilythank you, nathanvisits to try the amp are welcomedthe amp has tremolo and spring reverb, and a distinctive 'vox chime'it is a limited edition blue colour, purchased around

    650 €

  • vox ad30vt amplifier in good condition a nice versatile little amp this is a used vox ad30vt amp which is in good conditionthe ad30vt uses valve reactor technology, and features a power amp circuit containing a 12ax7 (ecc83) dual triode valve (“vacuum tube”) that would normally be used in a preampthis allows the amp to produce the true sound and feel of a bona fide all valve (tube) ampthey range from classic vintage amps of the past to current expensive high-end valve amps, and are accessible at the turn of a knobit's a great little amp and the following information was obtained from the owners manual which is available as a download at vox amps websitethis means that even when the master volume is turned up to the max to drive the valve reactor power amp, you can adjust the volume without losing any toneeleven high-quality effects are built in and seven are multi effects that let you use two effects simultaneously plus noise reductionthe input socket has been glued in place, but apart from that as far as i am aware there have been no modifications to the unit• you can store your favorite amp and effect settings as a program, which contain two different settings (ch1 and ch2)i bought it a few years ago from the first owner who didn't use it a lot, and i also haven't used it muchyou can switch between these settings from the top panelsophisticated modeling technology is used to provide eleven different ampsin manual mode the sound you hear will reflect the physical settings of the knobsin addition, there’s one preset program for each amp type (preset mode)the power level control lets you adjust the output wattage of the power amp

    95 €

  • vox ac30 vr guitar amplifierin good working order - 2 channels (normal and overdrive) 2x vox vx12 celestion speakers,  comes with vox vfs2a foot switch and additional amp coverdue to size and weight collection only from hereford  this is the smoothest sounding amp i have owned - only selling die to lack of recent usespecification power output 30 watts rms 8 ohms speaker 2 x 12? celestion vx12 custom speakers inputs 1 x normal input jack 1 x footswitch jack outputs 1 x external speaker jack controls master volume, master reverb, master tone cut, normal volume, normal bass, normal treble, o/d volume, o/d gain, o/d bass, o/d middle, o/d treble, channel selector tube compliment 1 x 12ax7 (power amp) preamp is solid state dimensions (w x d x h) 702 x 265 x 556 mm | x x inches 23 kg | lbs read more

    275 €

  • The familiar vox tremolo and spring reverb from the custom series are also found in the ac15chin the master section, there's the distinctive vox tone cut and master volume that allow you to obtain a variety of sounds ranging from the extraordinarily sparkling vox clean tone to a powerful, raw overdrivenormally they work using a separate volume control but the ac15h actually has it built in to the amplifier so the master volume control works like a normal and attenuator in onei have had the stock (unbranded chinese) output stage valves professionally replaced with the amazing jj el84s which has added extra volume, clarity and toneac15ch heads utilise 12ax7 tubes in the preamp and el84 tubes in the power ampthe normal and top boost channels each have a dedicated volume control, and the top boost channel also provides treble and bass tone controls(i will include the original (boxed) unbranded chinese valves in the salebased on the design of the classic ac30, the new ac15ch is now available as an amp head) the amp is mint condition - reluctant salethe main benefits of doing this is that you get the same amazing sound no matter the volume levelthis is not an attenuator like you would have seen beforefeaturing a new reactive attenuator, this ac custom series units provide even more flexibility for live performance or playing at home


    530 €

  • The mooer little monster ac 5w is a small tube amp head (the sort increasingly referred to as 'lunchbox heads') that closely mimics the classic crunchy british overdrive tone of the fabled vox ac30the two tone switches give you plenty of tonal variety including the legendary top boost!

    75 €

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