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  • But her persistent beau is determined to find out the truth and if he does, it could ruin hermeanwhile, head welder¬†rosie¬†has turned her back on love to keep her double life secretbut it isn't long before a scandalous revelation threatens to pull them all apartgloria¬†is smitten with her newly arrived bundle of joy, but baby hope's first weeks are bittersweethope's father is missing at sea, and with their future as a family so uncertain, gloria must lean on her girls for supportand there is finally a glimmer of hope for¬†polly¬†and her family when bel and joe fall in loveoxfam bookshop cheltenham the third shipyard girls novel from¬†sunday times¬†bestselling author, nancy revellpraise for the shipyard girls series: see oxfam website for delivery information read more'nancy revell knows how to stir the passions and soothe the heart!'¬†northern echo***********sunderland, as the world war continues the shipyard girls face hardships at home, but work and friendship give them strength to carry on

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  • Oxfam bookshop st albans a pep talk in your pocket, this short, small, highly illustrated book will fill you to the brim with happiness, positivity, wellbeing and, most importantly, success! andy cope and andy whittaker are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology and the art of being brilliant is crammed full of good advice, instructive case studies, inspiring quotes, some funny stuff and important questions to make you think about your work, relationships and lifeyou see being brilliant, successful and happy isn't about dramatic change, it's about finding out what really works for you and doing more of it! the authors lay down their six common-sense principles that will ensure you focus on what you're good at and become super brilliant both at work and at homesee oxfam website for delivery information read morea richly illustrated, 2 colour, small book full of humour, inspiring quotes and solid advice a great read with a serious underlying message - how to foster positivity and bring about success in every aspect of your life outlines six common-sense principles that will help you ensure you are the best you can be

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  • The duchess of deception deck, featuring new phoenixborn victoria glassfire, is a full, ready-to-play ashes expansion deck including 2 conjurationsvictoria requires 10 illusion (purple) dice to play, which are included in the ashes: rise of the phoenixborn base set

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  • As the race to uncover the truth begins, a plot unfolds that could burn all of civilization in the fires of holy armageddonthose who live by the sword‚Ķ buyer to collect or pay p&p ¬£2 read moresomewhere ahead is a chamber containing the collected fragments of an ancient scripture, a find of unimaginable significancemeanwhile, halfway around the world, a covert military bunker holds a macabre secrettunnelling deep under one of the most holy cities in the world, an ambitious young archaeologist slowly works her way towards an unthinkable goalan elite special-forces officer seems to have been brutally murdered - but how, and more disturbingly, why? any hope of solving the mystery rests on the grisly clues that remain

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  • In his pursuit to discover the truth of his own death, john is about to find out that death isn't the end; it's just the beginning of the end

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  • Books drawing art child teen how to ‚Äėdraw 50‚ÄĚ different objects four books in totalsold as one collectionthree titles as there are two of the aircraft 50can post for ¬£5 read more

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  • Black and white step-by-step photographs reveal how to perform the trickiest techniques, and more than 30 colour pictures show the finished dishes¬† all the dishes, from cheat's coq au vin to banana tarte tatin, are simple to prepare yet fantastic to look at and delicious to eatoxfam bookshop royal exchange square the deli cookbook is packed with inspirational recipes featuring mouth-watering ingredients fro the delievery recipe offers a new idea for making the most of deli counter fare - the tasty stocks, marinated vegetables, cold meats, fresh cheeses, delicious pasts and flavoured oils that are found in delis everywherejames offers invaluable advice on how to choose vinegars, oils, pickles, dressings and other deli counter produce - creating a unique introduction to the bewildering array of fabulous foods from the deli¬† but the deli cookbook is more than just a recipe book¬† see oxfam website for delivery information read more


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  • Looks stunning when you open and the original light turns on to reveal your crystalthe drop down cocktail draw on top opens up to a beautiful art deco design which i‚Äôve painted in gold and greythe handles have been removed and bought back to its original gold colour - the handles are so elegant it‚Äôs such a beautiful designyou don‚Äôt find handles like these anymoreplease contact me if you have anymore questions or would like more photos read morethis is certainly a stand out cabinet which will have people stop and stare when they walk into the roomplenty of storage on the bottom cabinets and a place holder for your drink bottles which is so originalit has original lemon squeezer and picks the shell of the cabinet has been painted in ash grey and with gold edging to show off the curvesit has all the curves in the right places and i‚Äôve sanded and oiled in osmo oil 3 coats to really show off the curves and to bring out that beautiful wood grainthis is such a beautiful cabinet and i‚Äôm sure whoever has it in their home will he do happy 136cm long x 55cm depth x 102 height this is a vintage item so may have some wear but for the amount of time i have spent in restoring its in beautiful condition

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  • In arranging the plan of this handbook on the art of driving a car the writer has been largely guided by correspondence on motoring matters received during a numbers of years from readers requests for information from readers of the times, and generally containing requests for information on certain¬† definite points about driving in relation to car maintenancepublisher: the london times, undated,circa¬† all pages clean and completeused very good conditionspine, stained, rubbed, bumped, shelf-wornsee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop darlington hardback, quarter boundpictorial frontboards and backboards,¬†stained, rubbed, bumped, shelf-worn¬† paste-downs have motoring adverts, hinge between pastedown and endpapers, cracked near the bottomall edges have handling marksblue cloth spine, paper on boards

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  • Including essays from leading art writers, this book provides an insight into the career of one of britain's most innovative contemporary landscape artists¬† gardiner's unique geological interpretation of landscape not only describes the current lie of the land but portrays it as a complex outcome of natural processes over vast periods of timewhile indebted to british and american modernism, gardiner's new conceptual rigour and technical repertoire is informed by science, geomorphology, new technologies and direct physical engagement with ancient landscapessee oxfam website for delivery information read moreby ian collins, peter davies, simon martin, christiana payne and¬†william varley, with a foreword by wendy baronpublished by lund humphries,¬†first editionoxfam shop cowley road hardcover with dust jacket over black¬†boardsproviding a comprehensive assessment of jeremy gardiner's career to date, this monograph, the first of its kind, explains how this distinctive artist has taken the exploratory landscape vision of mid-century st ives modernists like ben nicholson, peter lanyon and john tunnard into a new post-millennial era

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  • Lawrence, better known as lawrence of arabia, read the truth about the fight against the ottomans from a first hand account and the battles in the middle east and understand how it became the area of tension it is today see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop inverness the tale of the arab revolt and the written work of t

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  • The art of lego mindstorms ev3 programming is a full-color, beginner-friendly guide designed to bridge that gap¬† inside, you ll discover how to combine core ev3 elements like blocks, data wires, files, and variables to create sophisticated programssee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam bookshop hertford with its colorful, block-based interface, the lego¬†mindstorms¬†ev3 programming language is designed to allow anyone to program intelligent robots, but its powerful features can be intimidating at first¬† all of the book s programs work with one general-purpose test robot that you ll build early onas you follow along, you ll program your robot to:¬† react to different environments and respond to commands - follow a wall to navigate a maze¬† - display drawings that you input with dials, sensors, and data wires on the ev3 screen¬† - play a simon says style game that uses arrays to save your high score - follow a line using a pid-type controller like the ones in real industrial systemsyou ll also learn good programming practices, memory management, and helpful debugging strategies general skills that will be relevant to programming in any language

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  • Spilling open: the art of becoming yourselfauthor:harrison, sabrina wardwe appreciate the impact a good book can havewe all like the idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how many good quality used books are out there - we just had to let you know!

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  • The art of dressage, basic principles of riding & judging by alois podhajskyquote from book cover: "colonel podhajsky provides complete step-by-step instructions on how to teach correct riding, from beginning stages through to participation in competitions" can be collected or posted with buyer paying for postage

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  • Take the fbi attempt to digitize its records, for examplein this major new book its originator, jeff sutherland, explains precisely and step by step how it operates ‚Äď and how it can be made to work for anyone, anywhere

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  • Oxfam bookshop st albans the art of travel¬†is alain de botton's travel guide with a difference: an exploration of why we travel and what we learn when we dodrawing on writers, artists and thinkers as varied as wordsworth, van gogh and flaubert, de botton¬†explores¬†¬† not what to do at your destination and why we set out and how we might be happier on our travelssee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • A daughter determined to uncover the truthbelle survives riots, intruders, and bomb attacks - but nothing will stop her in her mission to uncover the truthbelle is desperate to find out what happened to the sister she never knew she had - but when she starts asking questions, she is confronted with unsettling rumours, malicious gossip, and outright threats'i was gripped, moved and utterly in thrall to this deeply emotional and compelling tale' kate furnivallbelle hatton has embarked upon an exciting new life far from home: a glamorous job as a nightclub singer in s burma, with a host of sophisticated new friends and admirersbut belle is haunted by a mystery from the past - a 25 year old newspaper clipping found in her parents' belongings after their death, saying that the hattons were leaving rangoon after the disappearance of their baby daughter, elviraoliver, an attractive, easy-going american journalist, promises to help her, but an anonymous note tells her not to trust those closest to hercan she trust her growing feelings for oliver? is her sister really dead? and could there be a chance belle might find her? see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam bookshop cheltenham a stolen sister

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  • The unique selection from the suna and inan kirac foundation photography collection reveal the magnificent structures,the daily life and the intriguing personalities of a past istanbuloxfam shop magdelen street photographs of the rumeli shore of the bosphorus from the mid-19th to the 20th century was comprised of works by photography masters who practised their art in istanbul from the end of the 19th to the early years of the 20th centuryistanbul has evolved into an industrial city and an enormous metropolis: its silhouette, architecture, vehicles, bridges, quays, streets and public spaces have attained an entirely different appearancesee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • The gruffalo scratch art setperfect gift for any gruffalo fan this year! scratch with the stylus to reveal the hidden full coloured pictures, featuring your favourite characters from the story

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  • The silver sparrow art of war: a version of sun tzu's art of war based on a manuscript of the classic text discovered at a chinese archeological site in china's shandong province in , which contains previously unknown fragmentssun tzu's art of war, compiled more than two thousand years ago, is a study of the anatomy of organizations in conflictthis comprehensive collection contains: the art of war: this edition of sun tzu's text includes the classic collection of commentaries by eleven interpretersthe lost art of war: written more than one hundred years after sun tzu's text, by sun bin, a linear descendant of sun tzu, this classic of political and military strategy is faithful to the principles of the art of war, while developing their practical application much furtherthe translations, by the renowned translator thomas cleary, have all been published previously in book form, except for the silver sparrow art of war, which is available here for the first timemastering the art of war: consisting of essays by two prominent statesmen-generals of han dynasty china, zhuge liang and liu ji, this book develops the strategies of sun tzu's classic into a complete handbook of organization and leadershipit is perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world todaysee oxfam website for delivery information read moreit draws on episodes from chinese history to show in concrete terms the proper use of sun tzu's principlesnow, this unique volume brings together the essential versions of sun tzu's text, along with illuminating commentaries and auxiliary texts written by distinguished strategists


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  • First¬†published in , it was written to initiate¬† both architects and clients into¬†the art of coping with all-too-human behaviour with one hand while salvaging¬†unforeseen¬† technical disasters with the otherthe sequel, featuring the same¬†set of characters, deals with complications arising from human error,afterthoughts, faulty materials and failure to understand the building processsee oxfam website for delivery information read morethe two volumes¬†and the box are in excellent condition, as newoxfam shop west hampstead the first volume¬†of this boxed set is an entertaining story of how a house gets built

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  • The book contains chapters on how you can learn to communicate, meditation, guides and guardian angels, past lives and questions that are frequently answered buyer to collect or pay p&p ¬£2 read morei was able to bring forward spirit communication and my mum was able to draw the spirit communicating with meduring our journey, we found we were able to communicate with the spirit world, not only for ourselves, but to help othersmarion voy-this book is my personal quest, my journey into the unknown, into other dimensions to seek the answers to the many questions i have regarding life after death and the meaning and purpose of lifethis journey i shared with my mum frances, a journey we started because of the sudden and tragic death of my younger brother

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  • Fine art wedding photography isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a modern approach in which design is paramounthere, he shares his secrets for bringing a stylized sense of composition, lighting, posing, and most important, design, to your images, while still keeping them organic and narrative

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  • The recurrent actuality of the baroque is a book about visual artthe text follows a comparative method of study based upon recent research in the fields of art theory and aestheticsif the text is discreetly haunted by leibniz, ancient rome and the poetry of baudelaire, its direction of thinking is totally devoted to the understanding of visual art from bernini and vel√°zquez to louise bourgeois, mona hatoum and orlanoxfam books & music islington there has been an increasing interest over the past 40 years in providing new interpretations of the baroque and the fruit of this interest has been the revelation of intersecting baroque aesthetics in the art and culture of our timeit deals with the broken continuity in time from the historical baroque to the contemporary oneapart from the hypotheses of walter benjamin and the epistemology of michel foucault, the book introduces and expands the most important theories about the actual baroque as they have been devised and developed by mario perniola, christine buci-glucksmann and gilles deleuzespecial attention is paid to visual artists in denmark dealing with "baroque universals" from the s up to the present day see oxfam website for delivery information read morethe problems of passage between visual forms and composition of the images are analysed in terms of simulation, rationality, space, the wildness of artistic intentionality and the folding of matter and meaning

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  • The evocative photos and text reveal the spiritual significance of weaving within maori culture" see oxfam website for delivery information read more"toi maori: the eternal threada number of the works in the book are featured in the international touring exhibition of maori weavingoxfam shop magdelen street this stunning book presents a photographic survey that traverses the concepts and values of traditional maori weaving and innovative, contemporary weaving practice

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  • With an emphasis on learning from copying and learning from other artists see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop clitheroe how to draw, with sections on media, technique, composition, landscape, human figures, animals,still life

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  • Full set of 6 books on all you need to know about how to crochet

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  • Exquisite terracotta sculpture representing a lioness, art deco, france, circafollowing the animal trend in art nouveau and art deco, the lioness was -along with bears, tigers etc- one of the characteristic sculptures of that period, and sculptors such as francois pompom, as a precursor, particularly stood outits great visual realism, absolutely elegant, gives a touch of distinction to any spacewe have been antiquarians for more than 30 years and our priority is excellence and uniquenessour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won‚Äôt find in just any storeare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websiteit includes shipping insurance and tracking numberit expresses all the physical strength of the animal through its musclesthis figure is in very good condition and has been acquired in a particular collection in the south of francethe packaging will be the right one for the piece and it will follow the latest instructions from the health authoritiescatawiki‚Äôs goal is to make special objects universally available

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  • Putney is an art historian and head of the art museum practices program at the university of toledo and consulting curator of medieval art at the toledo museum of artcorey is consulting curator at the high museum of artbruce guenther is chief curator and robert and mercedes eichholz curator of modern and contemporary art at the portland art museumguillaume fonkenell is curator of sculpture and museum historian at the musee du louvresarah kennel is curator of photographs at the national gallery of art, washington, dpaula deitz is editor of the hudson reviewabout the author laura d

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  • Tadas' creative work was predominantly influenced by neo-expressionism, street art and graffiti art movementslisted by worldwide art auctions twice have been granted to prestige american art awardssoon at art show - adaf october, amsterdam read morewith his thick layers of bright colors, he evokes emotional responses from the viewer and allows them to interpret the work into the viewer‚Äôs own world where imagination and reality join seamlessly into feelingstadas‚Äô using varied techniques, he combines the physical and the spiritual ‚Äď specific themes that manifest in series and cycles of worksimage size: 60 x 36 inchesexpress shipping with tnt or dhl! canvas rolled up in a tube without a wood frameour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won‚Äôt find in just any storeare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websitetadas plays an instinctive dance between the conscious and the unconscious until the full emotion is expressedwith coa tadas zaicikas (, lithuania) is an established mid-career prizewinning contemporary artist from saint pierre and miquelon who has exhibited in canada, the united states, france, south korea, italy, austria, and switzerlandcatawiki‚Äôs goal is to make special objects universally available


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