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  • Artist: rita coolidgemissing information?

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  • Number of discs: 2sub genre: vocal compilationmissing information?title: montserrat figueras: the voice of emotion

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  • Artist: ketchum,haltitle: past the point of rescue

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  • Oxfam bookshop west bridgford the arms of paris pentagram papers 24: published by pentagram designsee oxfam website for delivery information read morethis book has a dust jacket, which is also in excellent condition and the paperback on the inside is held together by two staplesthis book has lovely glossy pages with high quality photographs by claude bestel; pages are clean and unmarked and free of any stainingthis paperback edition is in very good conditionthere are a few instances of scratching on the front and back covers however this doesn't detract from the high quality of this book

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  • Oxfam bookshop cheltenham time is an illusionalthough the laws of physics create a powerful impression that time is flowing, in fact there are only timeless 'nows'barbour believes that only the most radical of ideas can resolve the conflict between these two theories: that there is, quite literally, no time at allfinally, in a lucid and eloquent epilogue, the author speculates on the philosophical implications of his theory: does free will exist? is time travel possible? how did the universe begin? where is heaven? does the denial of time make life meaningless? written with exceptional clarity and elegance, this profound and original work presents a dazzlingly powerful argument that all will be able to follow, but no-one with an interest in the workings of the universe will be able to ignoreunifying thinking that has never been brought together before in a book for the general reader, barbour reveals the true architecture of the universe and demonstrates how physics is coming up sharp against the extraordinary possibility that the sense of time passing emerges from a universe that is timelessthe heart of the book is the author's lucid description of how a world of stillness can appear to be teeming with motion: in this timeless world where all possible instants coexist, complex mathematical rules of quantum mechanics bind together a special selection of these instants in a coherent order that consciousness perceives as the flow of timesee oxfam website for delivery information read morein the end of time, the british theoretical physicist julian barbour describes the coming revolution in our understanding of the world: a quantum theory of the universe that brings together einstein's general theory of relativity, which denies the existence of a unique time, and quantum mechanics, which demands onethis is the first full-length account of the crisis in our understanding that has enveloped quantum cosmology

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  • The web of time is threatened - and someone wants the doctor deadand the doctor is involved in three different incarnations - each caught up in a deadly adventure, scattered across time and spacethe three incarnations of the doctor must join together to set time back on the right track - but in doing so, will they unleash a still greater threat the seventh doctor is in episode 1 of this four-part story; the fifth doctor is in episode 2; the sixth doctor is in episode 3; and all three doctors are in the final episodesee oxfam website for delivery information read moreisbn-- synopsis: gallifrey is in a state of crisis, facing destruction at the hands of an overwhelming enemyoxfam bookshop skipton audiobook, 1 jul

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  • Episodes are: 'waters of mars' and 'the end of time (parts 1 and 2)', which marks the end of david tennant's stint in the role of the doctorsee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam books & music romsey the doctor who special from autumn , plus the christmas/new year specials from the winter holiday period

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  • In search of the edge of time - black holes, white holes, wormholes new perfect condition price includes signed/tracked postage read more

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  • The birth of time - how we measured the age of the universe price includes signed/tracked postage read more

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  • S versus the master of time by matt brown (paperback, ) delivery uk delivery is within 3 to 5 working dayscompton valance super finternational delivery varies by country, please see the wordery store help page for details

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  • Oxfam shop nether edge legends from the end of time moorcock, michael published by wallen isbn 10: isbn 13: pages are a little yellowed with age, possibly ex library (glue line to the inner cover) otherwise good condition see oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Disc one: the world's most beautiful melodies; 'morning'; 'the onedin line'; 'radetzky march' and others disc two: candlelight moods; 'moonlight sonata'; my funny valentine'; 'warsaw concerto' and others disc three: romantic melodies the will live forever; till the end of time; and this is my beloved; clair de lune and others disc four: classics by starlight; air on a g string; ave maria; swan song; nessun dorma and others disc five: timeless favourites; blue danube waltz; emperor waltz; spring; forgotten dreams and others see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop evesham 5 cd's with detailed booklet from readers digest

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  • The sands of time £3 collection only bromley read more

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  • As new unmarked unthumbed rolex the best of time book rrp £125 unwanted gift priced to sell collection from co10 0ed read more

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  • Messiaen quartet for the end of time cdcondition is newvolume 27, no 2dispatched with royal mail 1st class large letter

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  • New unmarked unthumbed unwanted gift genuine rolex the best of time 3rd edition rrp £125 book priced competitively to sell collection only from co10 0ed read more

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  • With the scientistic reduction of time set aside and lived time reaffirmed, tallis digs deeper into the nature of time itself in the final part, "finding time"questions about "the stuff" of time  such as instants and intervals  about time and change, and the relationship between objective and subjective time, open on to wider discussions about time and causation, the irruption of subjectivity and intentionality into a material universe, and the relationship between time and freedomin of time and lamentation, raymond tallis rises to this challenge and explores the nature and meaning of time and how best to understand itfor anyone who has puzzled over the nature of becoming, wondered whether time is inseparable from change, whether time is punctuate or continuous, or even whether time, itself, is real, of time and lamentation will provoke and entertainwith characteristic fearlessness, tallis seeks to reclaim time from the jaws of physicsthe passage of time, the direction of time and time travel are critically examined and the relationship between mathematics and reality, and the nature of the observer, are exploredoxfam bookshop stratford upon avon of time and lamentation by raymond tallis agenda publishing pp hardbackyet, physics has little or nothing to say about this time, the time as it is livedthe first part of the book, "killing time" is a formidable critique of the spatialized and mathematized account of time arising from physical sciencefor most of us, time is composed of mornings, afternoons and evenings and expressed in hurry, hope, longing, waiting, enduring, planning, joyful expectation and griefpart 2, "human time" examines tensed time, the reality of time as it is lived: what we mean by "now", how we make sense of past and future events, and the idea of eternitysee oxfam website for delivery information read morethe culmination of some twenty years of thinking, writing and wondering about (and within) time, it is a bold, original and thought-provoking workthose, like tallis himself, who seek to find a place at which the scientific and humanistic views of humanity can be reconciled, will celebrate his placing of human consciousness at the heart of time, and his showing that we are "more than cogs in the universal clock, forced to collaborate with the very progress that pushes us towards our own midnight"thinking about it is to meditate on our own mortalityvery good condition, apparently unread£ time's mysteries seem to resist comprehension and what remains, once the familiar metaphors are stripped away, can stretch even the most profound philosopherthe story told by caesium clocks, quantum theory and lorentz coordinates, tallis argues, needs to be supplemented by one of moss on rocks, tears on faces and the long narratives of our human journeyour temporal lives deserve a richer attention than is afforded by the equations of mathematical physics

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  • Artist: vale,jerry. format: cd. condition: new.

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  • Barrow describes these finds and then goes on to explain how they allow us to reach back and shed light upon events at the dawn of timeoxfam bookshop cheltenham there was immense excitement in the scientific community and among the general public when the cobe space probe sent back data that proved not only that the big bang had happened but also that it had happened at more or less exactly the time that astronomers had calculatedwhat does it mean to say that the universe appeared out of nothing? did it need a beginning, and will it ever end? why do we think that most of the universe is invisible?the ideas that cosmologists are wrestling with are challenging and extraordinary: here they are explained with unfailing fluencysee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Dutch silver occasion spoon with coat of arms of frieslandcatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally availablewill be shipped registeredare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storequality: exquisite conditionplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki website

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  • Oxfam bookshop cheltenham harry turtledove hailed island in the sea of time as "one of the best time travel/alternative history stories i've ever read," and jane lindskold called against the tide of years "another exciting and explosive tale" now the adventures of the nantucket islanders lost in the time of the bronze age continues with on the oceans of eternitysee oxfam website for delivery information read morein the decade since, the republic of nantucket has worked hard to create a new future for itself, using the technological know-how retained from modern times to explore and improve conditions for the inhabitants of the pastand for ten years, the two sides have tested each other, feinting and parrying, to decide who will be the ones to lead this brave new world into the futureand only one side can emerge the victorsome have turned instead to the renegade coast guard officer william walkerten years ago, the twentieth century and the bronze age were tossed together by a mysterious eventsome of these peoples have become alliesnow the official battle lines have been drawn

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  • Having spent the last ten years fighting injustice and cruelty, zorro (banderas) is now facing his greatest challenge: his wife elena (zeta-jones) has thrown him out and found comfort in the arms of count armand (rufus sewell), a dashing french aristocratsee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop ulverston adventure sequel starring antonio banderas and catherine zeta jonesand so, with his marriage and his country's future at stake, it's up to zorro to try to save two unions before it's too latebut zorro knows something she doesn't: armand is the mastermind behind an evil plot to destroy the united states

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  • Oxfam shop ulverston the prince returns to action adventure gaming gravity-defying acrobatics, ferocious fighting combos bend time for unlimited gameplay variation uncover the mysteries of ancient persia epic legends and deadly creatures voted best action/adventure game at the game critics awards: best of e for 1 player see oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • As new unmarked unthumbed rolex the best of time book unwanted gift rrp £125 priced for a quick sale collection from co10 0ed great cornard sudbury read more

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  • Oxfam shop penzance published , first edition of this book - 4th novel in the dance to the music of time seriesincludes dustjacket which is complete and in good condition  see oxfam website for delivery information read morethe red cloth boards are in good condition - some foxing marks to themother than that the foxing is mostly lighter and mainly on cut edges and not on the printed part of the pagesome slight shelf wear and sunning to the top front of dj, plus signs of foxing to the back   internally the  binding is sound, but there are signs of foxing especially on the front and back few pages (ie the endpapers and title pages)

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  • See oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam bookshop west bridgford with their renowned purity of sound anonymous 4 mark the millennium by exploring in chant and polyphony dread of the last judgement and fear of the end of the world which pervaded late tenth century thought

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  • Oxfam bookshop newport far back in the mists of time a primitive man, more imaginative and daring than his fellows, trusted himself to a log or the trunk of a fallen tree to voyage on a stream that would carry him he knew not whithersee oxfam website for delivery information read moreneatly inked inscription on front endpaperendpapers discolouredblue cloth covered boards with gilt text and illustration to front, and gilt text to spine, which is heavily discolouredvarious scuffs and marks, fading towards outer edges of boardstext block is clean and tight, with sporadic foxing and light but even tanning

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  • Prince of persia wants to be a rollicking adventure along the lines of pirates of the caribbean

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  • See oxfam website for delivery information read moreeveryone knows the story of the mary celesteoxfam shop magdelen street this is the first edition, published in  but caught, with others, in the worst astral storm of their experience, they had other things to think about for the momentkemlo and kerowski hardly expected to find an aerial marie celeste adrift in the void

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  • Breaking the chains of gravity tells the story of america's nascent space program, its scientific advances, its personalities and the rivalries it caused between the various arms of the us militarymeanwhile, the us air force was looking ahead to a time when men would fly in space, and test pilots like neil armstrong were flying cutting-edge, rocket-powered aircraft in the thin upper atmospherein the s, rockets were all the rage in germany, the focus both of scientists hoping to fly into space and of the german armed forces, looking to circumvent the restrictions of the treaty of versaillessee oxfam website for delivery information read morenasa's history is a familiar story, one that typically peaks with neil armstrong taking his small step on the moon inas the war came to its chaotic conclusion, von braun escaped from the ruins of nazi germany, and was taken to america where he began developing missiles for the us armyoxfam bookshop swanage the incredible story of spaceflight before the establishment of nasabut america's space agency wasn't created in a vacuumone of the key figures in this period was wernher von braun, an engineer who designed the rockets that became the devastating v-2at this point getting a man in space became a national imperative, leading to the creation of the national aeronautics and space administration, otherwise known as nasait was assembled from pre-existing parts, drawing together some of the best minds the non-soviet world had to offer

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