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  • Enid blyton's story time hardback book by dean with dust jacket, 23 stories, beautifully illustrated, a children's favourite to enjoy over and over again, good condition

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  • Leapfrog leapreader book: pet pals sticker story time (works with tag)

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  • story time piece gibsons jigsaw, steve crisp, book shops, reading gcondition is useddispatched with royal mail 2nd class

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  • One direction book 'the one direction story' paperback book 256 pages brand new

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  • G-force (disney) the magical story - book in very good condition thorpe st andrew, norwich nr7 happy to post at additional postal costs

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  • story time, artist steve crisp jigsaw puzzle ( pieces)by gibsonsmade up once since new a week agotake a peek at my other itemsbox is also in excellent conditioni have plenty of jigsaws for sale%0a the puzzle is complete and in excellent conditioncondition is used%0a will combine postage where possible

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  • story time, artist steve crisp jigsaw puzzle ( pieces)by gibsonsmade up once since new a week agotake a peek at my other itemsthe puzzle is complete and in excellent conditioni have plenty of jigsaws for salebox is also in vgc will combine postage where possiblecondition is used

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  • As new unmarked unthumbed rolex the best of time book unwanted gift rrp £125 priced for a quick sale collection from co10 0ed great cornard sudbury read more

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  • As new unmarked unthumbed rolex the best of time book rrp £125 unwanted gift priced to sell collection from co10 0ed read more

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  • Moonlite wherever you go story reel for storybook projector kids book story timecondition is newdispatched with royal mail 2nd class

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  • At that time this country was called malayawe shall also read all that they did and how the people here lived and suffered at that time" book is in good condition, wear around the spine of the bookmalaya was then ruled by the british who also ruled india and burma among other countriestoday malaya, that is west malaysia is free  see oxfam website for delivery information read moretoday it is known as west malaysiaoxfam bookshop victoria road "we have heard a great deal about japanese soldiers who came to our country in and gave a lot of trouble to the people herewe shall now read why and how japanese soldiers came to our country


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  • Spongebob story book,used but still good with some creases to the coverincludes 7 different stories

    2 €

  • As new hardback book from disney pixar, 6 different movie stories including brave, up, monster's inc, cars, toy story and finding nemo

    2 €

  • Gazza my story hardback book never been read or used new excellent condition collection only newton aycliffe

    15 €

  • Oxfam shop elgin talking sheriff woody and toy story hardback bookperfect stocking filler fun  oooow did we mention christmas!  see oxfam website for delivery information read morehas approximately 15 sayings from his pull string cordwoody has lost his hat but otherwise in fab condition

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  • Nearly five decades later, jones's influence continues to help define the music industry, but only now is he ready to tell his remarkable life storytime is tight is the deeply moving account of how jones balanced the brutality of the segregationist south with the loving support of his family and community, all while transforming a burgeoning studio into a musical meccawhile he worked paper routes and played gigs in local nightclubs to pay for lessons and support his family, jones, on the side, was also recording sessions in what became the famous stax studios-all while still in high schooljones's earliest years in segregated memphis, music was the driving force in his lifenot long after, he would form the genre-defining group booker tand the mgs, whose recordings went on to sell millions of copies, win a place in rolling stone's list of top 500 songs of all time, and help forge collaborations with some of the era's most influential artists, including otis redding, wilson pickett, and sam & davejones, leader of the famed stax records house band, architect of the memphis soul sound, and one of the most legendary figures in musicthe long-awaited memoir of booker tsee oxfam website for delivery information read more


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  • It has only been made up onceon offer you have a good quality piece jigsaw puzzle by gibsonsthe jigsaw is complete and the box is not dented or damagedbargain!!! read morevery good clean condition

    12 €

  • Bagpie march book is in good condition while the old time book has a few brown age spots on it read more

    14 €

  • New unmarked unthumbed unwanted gift genuine rolex the best of time 3rd edition rrp £125 book priced competitively to sell collection only from co10 0ed read more

    75 €

  • Hardback book in new like condition a mutiny in time book one can post for extra read more

    2 €

  • Lovely quality book rrp £ postage will be extrafull guidance on how to crochet50 scarves, wraps, jumpers and more to make on the move melody griffiths

    5 €

  • Bradle wiggins my time book. new. read more

    5 €

  • Oxfam bookshop harrogate the story of britain is a significant book published at a significant moment, for there can rarely have been a time when public concern about history and the teaching of history has created so much controversy and debatefeaturing illustrated double-page spreads arranged by subject, he tells the story as a continuous narrative in chapters which give meaning and purpose to the periods they considersir roy strong, author, broadcaster, former director of the national portrait gallery and the victoria and albert museum, tells the story of britain from the very earliest recorded celtic times to the era of margaret thatcherit is a tremendous story, and roy strong, with his passion, enthusiasm and wide-ranging knowledge, is the ideal person to tell itsee oxfam website for delivery information read more

    5989999771118164 €

  • Beautiful book with the classic children's stories all in one book! gulliver's travels, alice in wonderland, the arabian nights, robinson crusoe and the story of perseuswriting to inside front cover, the previous owners's addresscondition - good  wear of time, marks on the coverpages are yellowed with some of brown spotswith 8 stunning coloured pictures (plates) and numerous line drawingssee oxfam website for delivery information read more


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  • With the scientistic reduction of time set aside and lived time reaffirmed, tallis digs deeper into the nature of time itself in the final part, "finding time"questions about "the stuff" of time  such as instants and intervals  about time and change, and the relationship between objective and subjective time, open on to wider discussions about time and causation, the irruption of subjectivity and intentionality into a material universe, and the relationship between time and freedomin of time and lamentation, raymond tallis rises to this challenge and explores the nature and meaning of time and how best to understand itfor anyone who has puzzled over the nature of becoming, wondered whether time is inseparable from change, whether time is punctuate or continuous, or even whether time, itself, is real, of time and lamentation will provoke and entertainwith characteristic fearlessness, tallis seeks to reclaim time from the jaws of physicsthe passage of time, the direction of time and time travel are critically examined and the relationship between mathematics and reality, and the nature of the observer, are exploredoxfam bookshop stratford upon avon of time and lamentation by raymond tallis agenda publishing pp hardbackyet, physics has little or nothing to say about this time, the time as it is livedthe first part of the book, "killing time" is a formidable critique of the spatialized and mathematized account of time arising from physical sciencefor most of us, time is composed of mornings, afternoons and evenings and expressed in hurry, hope, longing, waiting, enduring, planning, joyful expectation and griefthe story told by caesium clocks, quantum theory and lorentz coordinates, tallis argues, needs to be supplemented by one of moss on rocks, tears on faces and the long narratives of our human journeypart 2, "human time" examines tensed time, the reality of time as it is lived: what we mean by "now", how we make sense of past and future events, and the idea of eternityour temporal lives deserve a richer attention than is afforded by the equations of mathematical physicsvery good condition, apparently unreadthinking about it is to meditate on our own mortalitysee oxfam website for delivery information read morethose, like tallis himself, who seek to find a place at which the scientific and humanistic views of humanity can be reconciled, will celebrate his placing of human consciousness at the heart of time, and his showing that we are "more than cogs in the universal clock, forced to collaborate with the very progress that pushes us towards our own midnight"the culmination of some twenty years of thinking, writing and wondering about (and within) time, it is a bold, original and thought-provoking work£ time's mysteries seem to resist comprehension and what remains, once the familiar metaphors are stripped away, can stretch even the most profound philosopher

    19989999771118164 €

  • The story of a new name is the second book in this seriesin these neapolitan novels, elena ferrante, the acclaimed author of the days of abandonment, gives readers a poignant and universal story about friendship and belongingshe writes vividly about a specific neighborhood of naples from the late-s through to the current day and about two remarkable young women who are very much the products of that place and timein the story of a new name, lila has recently married and made her entrée into the family business; elena, meanwhile, continues her studies and her exploration of the world beyond the neighbourhood that she so often finds stiflingyet in doing so she has created a world in which readers will recognize themselves and has drawn a marvellously nuanced portrait of friendshipmarriage appears to have imprisoned lila, and the pressure to excel is at times too much for elenalove, jealousy, family, freedom, commitment, and above all friendship: these are signs under which both women live out this phase in their storieswith these books, which the new yorker's james wood described as "large, captivating, amiably peopleda beautiful and delicate tale of confluence and reversal," ferrante proves herself to be one of italy's most accomplished storytellersoxfam bookshop ealing in , elena ferrante's my brilliant friend introduced readers to the unforgettable elena and lila, whose lifelong friendship provides the backbone for the neapolitan novelsyet the two young women share a complex and evolving bond that is central to their emotional lives and is a source of strength in the face of life's challengessee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • The book is in good conditionoriginally one of a series ("our island story" etc) written for children when the empire was at its zenith, this book achieved a far wider appeal and was a best seller of its timethis copy is the only one i have come across with the picture of the elephant on the covertold by h e marshall, illustrated by j r skelton

    5 €

  • Was the same true of time in hell, stevenson asked himselffrom the book: "stevenson remembered the story of a monk who had been distracted from his copy-work by the song of a birdthe song of the bird had given him a taste of paradise, where an instant is as a hundred years of earthly timegorgeously illustrated, woven from centuries of human response to the delights of the feathered tribes, the bedside book of birds is for anyone who is aware of birds, and for everyone who is intrigued by the artistic forms that humanity has created to represent its soulhe went into the garden to listen more closely, and when he returned, after what he thought were only a few minutes, he discovered that a century had gone by, that his fellow monks were dead and his ink had turned to dustwhether as the christian dove, or quetzalcoatl the aztec plumed serpent or in plato s vision of the human soul growing wings and feathers, religion and philosophy have looked to birds as representatives of our better selves that part of us not bound to the earthbirds have ever been the symbols of our highest aspirationsas divine messengers, symbols of our yearning for the heavens, or avatars of glorious song and colour, they have stirred our imaginations from the moment we first looked into the skybirds appear again and again in mythology and folk tales, and in literature by writers as diverse as ovid, thomas hardy, kafka, thoreau and tnor does gibson forget the fascination they hold for science, as the galapagos finches did for darwinthey've been omens, allegories, disguises and guides; they've been worshipped, eaten, feared and lovedbirds figure charmingly and tellingly in the work of such nature writers as gilbert white, peter matthiessen, farley mowat and barry lopezwith the passion of a birdwatcher and hoarder of words, gibson has spent fifteen years collecting the literary and artistic forms our affinity for birds has taken over the centuriesoxfam bookshop knutsford in this stunning assemblage of words and images, novelist and avid birdwatcher graeme gibson has crafted an extraordinary tribute to the venerable relationship between humans and birdssee oxfam website for delivery information read more

    499900016784668 €

  • They were all owned from new and bought around the same time5 andy pandy vintage story books s first editions - to the best of my knowledge, but feel free to ask any questions and see individual notes for each bookthe list on the back shows there were only 3 books available in the series at the time this was published! shows signs of use with some small scribbling on the front and a couple of tears on pages but overall good for its agecomplete, very good conditionthey do not have numbers on the front cover like later editionsandy pandy's shop - first edition, no date, but the list on the back does not show all the eventual titles as a second or later edition would docomplete, very good condition with just some pencil scribble on the front covercomplete, good conditionandy pandy and the ginger bread man - first edition s, no date but it has the price 1/6d whereas they were all 2/- byandy pandy's washing day - first edition, no date, but the list on the back does not show all the eventual titles as a second or later edition would doandy pandy's dovecot - first edition dated , complete, very good conditionandy pandy's kite - first edition, no date, but the list on the back does not show all the eventual titles as a second or later edition would do

    25 €

  • 2) oxford reading tree ‘the new baby’ story book3) oxford reading tree ‘a cat in the tree’ story bookthis set contains the following: 1) oxford reading tree ‘gran’ story bookoxford level 3, book band 3 yellowoxford level 5, book band 5 greenin this adventure jo has a new babyin this adventure the children find out who is stuck up a treein this adventure gran gets into trouble

    7 €

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