Limousin x calves

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  • 7 limousin x calves 4 heifers 3 steers tb 4 waiting to be weaned read more

    550 €

  • limousin x heifer x 1 bull x 1 tb 4yr read more

    395 €

  • limousin x cow and calf for sale cow 6 years old with 3rd calf at foot heifer calf sac health scheme nice outfit please message for more details read more

    1400 €

  • limousin x heifer & bull good sorts tb 4yr ready for turn out can deliver for fuel costs read more

    495 €

  • 3 limousin x heifers nice sorts tb 4yr can deliver at cost read more

    325 €

  • limousin x beef shorthorn heifer from high health herdcan deliver read morewould make excellent suckler cow

    850 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves young calves on milk tb 4yr 10 heifers can deliver for fuel read more

    195 €

  • Belgium blue cows and limousine x calves at footcalves born in march / aprilchoice of first, second or third time calverschoice of 20 pairsany more questions please get in touch read morefrom low tb area

    1 €

  • Hereford & angus x calves on milk read more

    250 €

  • Angus & hereford x calves on milk bulls & heifers read more

    195 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves on milk bulls & heifers read more

    195 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves 4 bulls 6 heifers on milk and eating calf rearing pellets and hay named sire tb 4yr delivery at cost read more

    250 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves on milk tb 4yr 10 heifers 8 bulls can deliver for fuel read more

    95 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves on milk tb 4yr prices start from £ heifers 8 bulls can deliver for fuel read more

    95 €

  • Aberdeen angus x calves on milk tb 4yr good sorts named sires heifers and bulls available read more

    195 €

  • British blue x calves, 3 to 4 months of age, tb clear great growth rates and stock from one farm and continuous supplybulls and heifers good friendly temperament

    440 €

  • Angus x calves heifers 1 month £240 each read more

    240 €

  • And 6 limousin x heifers, weeks, all dehornedi have a total of 12 weaned calves for salesix aax calves between 12 and 16 weeks, three bulls (castrated), three heifersout of black and white cowstb tested clear

    300 €

  • Holstein x fries swedish red x bulls available aberdeen angus x limousin x british blue x also available prices start from £150 all on milk tb 4yr health status herds ready to leave now delivery available at cost read more

    150 €

  • For sale heifer calf out of a hereford cow by a aberdeen angus x limousin bull (see pics) born on read more


  • 2 really nice limousin heifers would make good suckler replacements tb4 yr can deliver read more

    425 €

  • 3x angus x heifers calves, good strong calves out of big cowstb tested ready to gobovipast vac and drenchedcan deliver at a cost

    350 €

  • 4 lovely british blue x calves, nice even group of calves2-5 weeks old, on milk twice a day and eating hard feed and hay3 heifers and one bull available read more

    675 €

  • British blue x heifer limousin x heifer simmental x heifer good types fit to turn out tb 4yr delivery can be arranged for fuel costs read more

    495 €

  • Nice looking calvesheifer calf and bull calf for sale

    500 €

  • 6 angus x calves heifers and bullock read more

    650 €

  • British blue x calves on milk good types tb 4yr bulls & heifers read more

    295 €

  • All with limousin lodge hamlet calves at foot2 x angus x cows 4th calvers 1 x blue x cow 4th calver 1 x blue cow 3rd calver 1 x hereford 2nd calver cows bvd and johnes free very smart shapey 10 week old calves at foot5 x cow and calf outfitsany more questions, message viewing recommend price is per outfit read more

    1 €

  • 3 heifer calves for sale bred from 3 pedigree highland cows by aberdeen angus x limousin bull (see pictures) calves date of births each read more


  • limousin bull for saleas you can see from the picture of his calves they have all got good shape and muscle definition in themcome and see him and all his calves will b tb tested end of march maybe able deliver for a small fee read morehe’s is very soft and placidgreat bull very good condition for his age

    1 €

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