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  • It introduces the key concepts and skills of lesson planning and provides a practical framework for their developmentoxfam bookshop lymington lesson planning is an essential component of every teacher's practicedrawing on the work of skilful teachers and the latest research, this book provides a rationale for lesson planning as an integral part of a teacher's workthe book also includes practical and reflective activities to help the reader apply the ideas discussed to their own work and key questions to encourage the development of their skilful pedagogycovering all aspects of short, medium and long-term planning, chapters include: writing appropriate learning objectives and outcomes; designing and structuring engaging teaching activities; resourcing the lesson; assessing students' learning; strategies for personalised learning; evaluating your lessonit is part of a three-tiered, integrated pedagogy: planning, teaching and evaluationthe book helps the reader to make an informed choice about the approaches they use to plan lessons, taking into account their subject area and the requirements of individual learnerssee oxfam website for delivery information read morethis highly practical book is essential reading for trainee and practising teachers

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  • Oxfam bookshop cheltenham lesson planning and preparation is one of the most important aspects of teachingplanning and preparation are personal matters related to an individual teacher but this does not mean that teachers cannot learn from each other or that thinking about planning and preparation is arbitrarystudent teachers, for example, often find it difficult to gauge how to pitch or pace a lessonit not only provides easily understood practical ideas but also sets them in a coherent overall framework based on the ideas that planning and preparation are part of a total cyclical process involving pedagogy, curriculum, learning and assessment  see oxfam website for delivery information read moreit is also one of the hardest aspects to learnthis book provides solutions

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  • Oxfam bookshop preston key concepts in philosophy is a series of concise, accessible and engaging introductions to the core ideas and topics encountered in the study of philosophychristopher norris provides a lucid survey and analysis of the issues that have shaped that enterprise and continue to dominate present-day discussionhe also brings out with exceptional clarity the ways in which certain 'technical' issues in epistemology can have a decisive bearing on matters of practical concernspecially written to meet the needs of students and those with little prior knowledge of the subject, these books open up a whole range of important, yet often difficult ideasnorris introduces the main topics of debate, among them arguments for and against adopting a realist position with regard to various fields of knowledge, from mathematics to the physical sciences and historythe text highlights continuities and contrasts between early and contemporary approaches, and between the sorts of thinking that have typified the mainstream analytic and the modern 'continental' lines of descentthe series builds to give a solid grounding in philosophy and each book is also ideal as a companion to further studyepistemology - inquiry into the nature, possibility and scope of human knowledge - has been at the heart of the philosophy from ancient greek times to the presentphilosophy undergraduates will find this an invaluable aid to study, one that goes beyond simple definitions and summaries to open up a new and stimulating range of ideassee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Each chapter contains a glossary, key terms and newly integrated exercises, ensuring that key concepts are understoodassuming no prior knowledge, this bestselling text takes you through every stage of your research project giving advice on planning and conducting studies, analysing data and writing up reportsoxfam bookshop thame this sixth edition of research methods and statistics in psychology has been fully revised and updated, providing students with the most readable and comprehensive survey of research methods, statistical concepts and procedures in psychology todaymoderate signs of shelfwear and soiling to page edges, including coversthe book provides clear coverage of statistical procedures, and includes everything needed from nominal level tests to multi-factorial anova designs, multiple regression and log linear analysiscom/cw/coolican) provides additional exercises, revision flash cards, links to further reading and data for use with spssa companion website (wwwit features detailed and illustrated spss instructions for all these procedures eliminating the need for an extra spss textbooktext appears bright and unmarkedsee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • This book argues that, in respect of several key concepts, the courts have arrived at mistaken decisions and handed down bad judgments about the nature of such conceptsoxfam bookshop preston the law, and the criminal law in particular, depends, in its quest for fairness and justice, upon the accurate definition of key concepts and ideasthey include such concepts as meaning, attempt, intention, knowledge, awareness, recklessness, dishonesty, duress, privacy, truth and beliefthese concepts are expressed by words which the courts explicitly hold are "ordinary words in the english language" to be taken in their ordinary senseit also argues that the mistaken decisions about the meanings of words expressed in these concepts are based on purely conceptual errors and that, therefore, they are embodied in "misleading cases"see oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Underhill seeks to situate these key cultural concepts within four languages (english, french, czech and german)not only do these concepts differ from language to language, but they go on changing over timethis book offers an original approach to ethnolinguistics, discussing how abstract concepts such as truth, love, hate and war are expressed across cultures and ethnicitiesit offers a clear and thought-provoking account of how concepts are understood and will be welcomed by those working in the fields of sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis, semantics and pragmaticsthe book explores issues such as how far meaning is politically and culturally influenced, how far language shapes the thought of ethnic groups and how far their thought shapes language, and the role of individuals in the consolidation of cultural conceptsoxfam bookshop preston 'ethnolinguistics' is the study of how language relates to culture and ethnicitysee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • lesson feature for more effective practicehere i have a casio lk-110 electronic keyboard with key lighting systemfollow the keyboard lights to master keyboard play at your own pace

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  • Christmas concepts® - exclusive hand fidget key chain toy - stress reducer, stress relief, autism - blueadd to favorite

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  • New end-of-chapter exercises provide readers with the opportunity to check their understanding of key concepts and techniquesbasic concepts such as the optical and thermal properties of tissue, the various types of tissue ablation, and optical breakdown and its related effects are treated in detail"laser-tissue interactions" provides a thorough description of the fundamentals and applications in this fieldit provides a thorough description of the fundamentals and applications in the field of laser-tissue interactionsthe part on applications reviews clinically relevant methods in modern medicine using the latest referencesthe last chapter covers today's standards of laser safety, with a careful selection of essential guidelines published by the laser institute of americanumerous research photographs, illustrations, tables and comprehensive summaries make this book a useful guide for graduate students, scientists, and medical practitionersthe author pays special attention to mathematical tools (monte carlo simulations, the kubelka-munk theory etc) and approved techniques (photodynamic therapy, laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy etca section on applications reviews clinically relevant methods in modern medicine using the latest referencesoxfam bookshop hertford medical practitioners, scientists and graduate students alike will find this exhaustive survey a vital learning toolspecial attention is given to mathematical tools (monte carlo simulations, the kubelka-munk theory etcsee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Street on torts provides an insightful and thorough treatment of tort law with a focus on key concepts and clear explanationskey issues boxes help to guide students through each chapter, whilst clear conclusions offer the opportunity for consolidationalongside perceptive coverage of the key principles of tort law, succinct case extracts and accompanying analyses allow students to consider the law in context and understand how it is applied in practiceonline resources this book is accompanied by online resources, including answer guidance for each of the problem questions in the book, an additional chapter on animal torts and updates with details of key developments in the law since publicationoxfam bookshop leeds 687ppvery good conditionthis book builds upon the excellent legacy of its previous, celebrated authors with a renewed focus on the needs of today's studentsthe 15th edition of the book also sees the introduction of problem questions at the end of each chapter, which allow students to actively apply their knowledge of the law whilst practising essential analytical and essay writing skillssee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • For sale beginning java objects: from concepts to code by jacquie barker export author barker covers information key for proficiency with an oo programming language like java and shows how to really create reusable code and extensible applicationsthanks for lookingcollection onlypaperback - mint condition

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  • Oxfam books & music totnes an introduction to the psychology of hearing emphasises the mechanisms underlying auditory perception and explains key conceptsintroductory chapters describe the basic physical concepts needed to understand the nature of auditory stimuli and the physiology of the auditory systemowner's name in black marker pen on ffepthe books shows signs of shelf and reading wear, but is in good condition and a good reading copycorners slightly bumped and pages very lightly tanned around the edgessee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Investigating psychology - key concepts, key studies, key approaches investigating methods - collecting, interpreting, and reporting evidence in psychology investigating intelligence - the uses and abuses of a psychological concept all by open university authors - nicola brace, jean mcavoy, jovan byford, philip banyard very good conditionpsychology and crime: an introduction to criminological psychology by clive r hollin read morecondition is very goodunderstanding social lives book 2 by open university course team

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  • Vtech baby my first car key rattle (multicoloured)colour:multicoloured driving is so much fun with the my 1st car key rattle! this car shaped rattle features 3 press buttons on the car to introduce baby to car concepts, colours, music and sensory and tactile stimulationcolour: multicoloured

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  • Free lesson & guidedidgeridoo bloodwood key c roughly good backpressure

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  • Understanding organizations offers an extended 'dictionary' of the key concepts -- culture, motivations, leadership, role-playing, co-ordinating and consultation -- and then shows how this 'language' can help us find new solutions to familiar problemsin this classics text, charles handy argues that the key to successful organizations lies in a better understanding of the needs and motivations of the people within themfew management writers have been as consistently challenging and influential as charles handyoxfam shop dumfries organizations are a part of everyday life, whether in schools, hospitals, police stations or commercial companiesfirmly established as one of the core business texts, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in organizations and how to make them work bettersee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Marxist film theory returns to film studies some of the key concepts which make possible a truly radical, political understanding of the medium and its place both within capitalism and against itexploring the work of some of the key theorists who have influenced our understanding of film, such as adorno, althusser, benjamin, brecht, gramsci, jameson and othersoxfam shop magdelen street film remains one of the most dominant cultural forms in the world todayin film, perhaps more than any other medium, we can read the politics of time and place, past and presentcrossing classes and cultures, it permeates many aspects of our consciousnessthis book shows how questions of ideology, technology and industry must be situated in relation to class - a category which academia is distinctly uncomfortable with  see oxfam website for delivery information read morethis is an ex-library copy, with a stamp along the page edges and on the flyleaf, and a sticker has been torn off inside - as picturedthe authors explore the political contradictions and tensions within dominant cinema and discuss how marxist filmmakers have pushed the medium in new and exciting directionsthe history of marxism has intersected with film in many ways and this book is a timely reminder of the fruits of that intersection, in film theory and film practiceit shows how films must be situated in their social and historical contexts, whether hollywood, russian, cuban, chinese or north korean cinema

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  • Cdn planning was established in and offers professional town planning services and advice to a wide variety of individuals and organisationsif you require planning permission, need to deal with an enforcement notice or wish to submit a planning appeal against a refused application, cdn planning has extensive experience and knowledge that can help youcom or call us onfor more information, please visit our website www

  • The music lesson set is like new with everything there including teacherno box for the school, but i have the box for the music lesson setwill be posting royal mail 2nd classeverything is there apart from one paint brushdiscontinued and collection itemsthe clock still works after many years, but not sure how to correct the time on itsmall marks on school due to age and use

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  • Publisher: koros press computational molecular bioscience: concepts contributors/editors: bwaseh sbibinu, abdulmojeed yakubu, et alcom/biological-science-genetics/-computational_molecular_bioscience:_conceptsdate: price: ÂŁ http://www

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  • Author - andrew heywood book has hardly been used no annotations inside no highlighting inside overall near mint condition read more

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  • Third edition key concepts in mental health by david pilgrimsuitable for and course on mental health at university level

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  • Use dexterity, stimulate imagination, and teach children about key concepts of nature2x(the snake is coiled with a visible rattle and his beautiful scalesthese lifelike creatures will add personality and charm to any yard or garden

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  • Use dexterity, stimulate imagination, and teach children about key concepts of naturethese lifelike creatures will add personality and charm to any yard or garden5x(the snake is coiled with a visible rattle and his beautiful scales

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  • Use dexterity, stimulate imagination, and teach children about key concepts of naturethese lifelike creatures will add personality and charm to any yard or garden10x(the snake is coiled with a visible rattle and his beautiful scales

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  • Use dexterity, stimulate imagination, and teach children about key concepts of naturethese lifelike creatures will add personality and charm to any yard or garden3x(the snake is coiled with a visible rattle and his beautiful scales

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  • Digital concepts digital concepts read more

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  • It is still available new on the culinary concepts internet site for more pictures and detailsculinary concepts stunning stainless steel bowl that is highly polished to give the illusion of silverthe bowl was bought about 5-years ago, it has been used and has some surface marks (visible on base picture 2 and inside picture 3) but is in overall good conditionthis is a cm) in diameter bowl that is perfect for salad, pasta, vegetables, etc

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  • Thenitro concepts s300 gaming chair is setting itself apart with its new unique combination of vibrant colour designssophisticated gaming chair from nitro concepts' vibrant s300 seriesin the age of rgb-lit motherboards, graphics cards, mice, keyboards and monitors, a matching gaming chair was needed in order to complete the scene

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