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  • The title is health care in the next curve: transforming a dysfunctional industrythe item format is a book hardbackbelow is a more detailed summary of this specific item for salefor example: idz

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  • Oxfam original liverpool our book, johnson: womens health care handbook, publishing in a new 2nd edition in october, , is one of the better-selling books in the burgeoning area of womens health careeach of the 64 cases presents a clinical scenario on an important womens health issue and is followed by 3-5 clinical questions that stem from the presentation and lead the reader to the final diagnosissee oxfam website for delivery information read moreveet is a case scenarios book and is a nice complement to johnsonseveral key learning points are presented for each case in order to summarize the core clinical points being illustrated

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  • Kymco health care mobility scooterin excellent conditiononly used a small number of timesplease contact me with any questionsincludes weather cape and large basket(payed over £ new) read more

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  • Oxfam bookshop victoria health care reform will be a key fiscal policy challenge in both advanced and emerging economies in coming yearssee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Visco top cushion hfc129 by harvest health care; multilayer foam delivers outstanding performance; visco elastic foam improves user comfort - designed to redistribute users weight; suitable for any type of chair - wheelchair, comfort chair, etcmaximum weight 17stnow greatly reducedcash on collection pleasecan dispatch but p&p would be £7 due to sizeexcellent condition - hardly been used - like new; absolute bargain (rrp £50- check prices) buyer to collect from bolton

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  • Leadership in health care 4th editionjill barr and lesley dowdinglovely clean item no marks or issuesbought as student midwife but not used

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  • Illustrated with figures, graphs, and tables, this book is essential for practitioners and officials in both palliative and public health carepain and palliative care in the developing world and marginalized populations: a global challenge addresses issues of vital importance for the global health care community, such as: why do so many people in the developing world suffer excruciating pain for months and years, when simple inexpensive medication could make them comfortable? they get mri scans; why don't they have access to palliative care? why do some palliative care programs fail to reach the needy? how could a palliative care delivery system be adapted to local needs? why are medical and nursing students not taught the fundamentals of pain management? what direction should palliative care education take? could health care resources be channeled to deliver care in a more just and equitable manner? this book chronicles the efforts of ambitious pain management care professionals to confront these questions, working toward an end to needless, preventable pain and sufferingthis essential volume includes a foreword written by a world leader in palliative care-jan stjernsward, former chief of the cancer and palliative care program of the world health organization and currently international director of the oxford international centre for palliative care in the united kingdomall proceeds from sales of this book will be used to support the growth of palliative care programs in indiaoxfam shop dumfries essential information for anyone involved in palliative care programs for deprived patients! in this comprehensive resource, leading healthcare professionals describe pioneering work on the front lines of pain and palliative care service planning and implementation for underserved populationsthis indispensable manual discusses palliative care programs in developing countries such as india, chile, argentina, saudi arabia, thailand, hong kong, malaysia, and othersthis book provides you with true accounts of palliative care programs from around the world to help you meet the needs of disadvantaged clientspain and palliative care in the developing world and marginalized populations: a global challenge explores the challenges and barriers preventing satisfactory pain management for patients who urgently need itpain and palliative care in the developing world and marginalized populations also offers an important look at pain management programs geared toward several specific underserved populations in both developing and developed countries, including native americans and inmates in a new zealand prisonsee oxfam website for delivery information read moreit examines their programs, and acknowledges their successes and failures to date, with commentaries by international experts

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  • The second edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect changes in health promotion theories, practice and policy, and still retains the clear, user-friendly approach which made it a standard textbook forthis important topicall students and health care practitioners who have health promotion as a significant feature of their work will continue to find this book an invaluable and stimulating guide to current theory and practice in health promotionoxfam shop dumfries this book aims to provide a theoretical framework which is vital if health promoters are to be clear about their intentions and desired outcomes when they embark on interventions designed to promote healthit offers a foundation for practice which encourages students and practitioners to see the potential for health promotion in their worksee oxfam website for delivery information read morethe first edition achieved enormous popularity with both students and lecturers for its stimulating style and innovative presentation

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  • Society and health an introduction to social science for health professionalsideal for nursing students a concise introduction to the central issues concerning health and health care, society and health is written for all health professionals undergoing basic trainingit explains social science concepts, theories and shows their relevance to work in health settings'concept boxes' highlight the main themes and facilitate revisionexercises and activities enable students to apply knowledge to practice buyer to collect or pay p&p £4each chapter is short, focused on key learning points

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  • The first section focuses on recent history and reforms; section two examines the system's structure and policies; and the third section explores policy analysis and advocacy, and disparities in health based on demographics and inequities in access to care

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  • It reviews studies in the following areas: burden of disease and alternatives in public policy, in prevention, in diagnosis, in therapy, in health service organization, and alternative locations of carethis new volume reviews and classifies 100 later studies, reflecting their broader range and the methodological advances madeoxfam bookshop lymington the first volume of this work contained methodological critiques of cost-benefit studies up tosee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Oxfam bookshop preston the increased awareness of the impact of health care on the quality of human life means that clinical researchers working in a wide spectrum of disciplines need information about measures such as pain, depression, or functionbased on a graduate course developed by the authors at mcmaster university, this book introduces concepts of measurement to researchers in health sciences, emphasizing applications rather than theorya sound, scientific and reproduceable system of measurement is required by researchers in disciplines such as psychiatry, rheumatology, oncology - and other health professions such as nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapytopics are covered in the order they might confront someone faced with the problem of developing a new measurement, beginning with an overview of the criteria which should be used to assess any measurement instrumentsee oxfam website for delivery information read morefinally, appendices show the reader how to find further information about tests and scales

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  • The book is intended as a resource for health care researchers and academicsthis is a systematic review on how innovations in health service practice and organisation can be disseminated and implementedthis is an academic text, originally commissioned by the department of health from university college london and university of surrey, using a variety of research methodsthere is a previous owner's name on the first blank page but no other markings or annotationssee oxfam website for delivery information read morethe results of the review are discussed in detail in separate chapters covering particular innovations and the relevant contextsthe hard cover is good condition with damage or marksoxfam books & music wells this hard cover book (no d/j) is in very good condition

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  • john lewis description we've made this sturdy bunk bed from pine woodbrand: anyday john lewis & partners care instructions - wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth clearance from floor to base 25cm dimensions h153 x w105 x d198cm finish painted white furniture range wilton material solid pine mattress included no maximum mattress height 17cm for top bunk suitable from 4 years for bottom bunk6 years for the top bunk weight 51kg read morethe upper bunk is not suitable for children under the age of 6 yearsworth knowing this bunk bed complies to bs en +a - safety, strength and durability requirementsavailable in a choice of natural or painted finishes that will easily complement your existing furniturethe bottom bunk is not suitable for children under the age of 4 yearsgreat for a smaller space, it's easy to put together and can be assembled into one full piece or split into two separate bedsfor safety reasons, we recommend that the mattress used on the top bunk does not exceed a depth of 17cm

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  • Hereas sound advice on caging, feeding, health care, and much morebetter known in america as the parakeet, the budgerigar is one of the most popular birds kept as a petbarronas extensive line of

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  • Title: level 3 health and social care (adults) diploma: candidate book (level 3 work based learning health and social care)title: level 3 health and social care (adults) diploma: candidate book (level 3 work based learning health and social care)

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  • This lot contains 16 cd's: - historic live shows 1 of 3, never before released - historic live shows 2 of 3, never before released - historic live shows 3 of 3, never before released - john mayall's bluesbreakers live in never before heard live performances, with john mayall, peter green, john mcvie and mick fleetwood - john mayall's bluesbreakers live in never before heard live performances, volume 2, with john mayall, peter green, john mcvie and mick fleetwood - find a way to care - back to the roots, a very special double album by john mayall and some memorable menin the influential john mayall's bluesbreakers, founded by him, musicians like eric clapton, jack bruce, peter green, john mcvie, mick fleetwood, mick taylor and walter trout have playedjohn mayall (november , macclesfield) is a british guitarist, keyboardist and composer and one of the people who made blues music immensely popular in the s(2 cd's - cross country blues, with the bluesbreakers - looking back - return of the bluesbreakers, featuring mick taylor - howlin'at the moon, with mick taylor (rolling stones) and john mcvie (fleetwood mac) - waiting for the right time(box has minor usage damage in the corners) weight: grams read moreare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikicatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally availablebarewires - room to move cd'sour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storeplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki website

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  • Oxfam bookshop hove thirty years after lyndon johnson declared a war on poverty, the united states still lags behind most western democracies in national welfare systems, lacking such basic programs as national health insurance and child care supportthis shift of emphasis eventually alienated white, working-class americans, who had some of the same needs-for health care, subsidized housing, and job training opportunities-but who got very little from these programsturning to lyndon johnson's "unconditional war on poverty," she contends that though anti-poverty programs for job training, community action, health care, housing, and education have accomplished much, they have not been fully realized because they became inextricably intertwined with the civil rights movement of the s, which triggered a white backlashsome critics have explained the failure of social programs by citing our tradition of individual freedom and libertarian values, while others point to weaknesses within the working classit is racism that has undermined the war on poverty, and america must come to terms with this history if there is to be any hope of addressing welfare reform todaythe "american creed" of liberty, justice, and equality clashed with a history of active racial discrimination, says quadagnodrawing on extensive primary research, quadagno shows, for instance, how roosevelt, in need of support from southern congressmen, excluded african americans from the core programs of the social security acthe realized that his grand plan for welfare reform, the family assistance plan, threatened to undermine wages in the south and alienate the republican party's new constituency-white, southern democrats-and therefore dropped itat the same time, affirmative action clashed openly with organized labor, and equal housing raised protests from the white suburban middle-class, who didn't want their neighborhoods integratedsee oxfam website for delivery information read morejob training programs, for instance, became affirmative action programs, programs to improve housing became programs to integrate housing, programs that began as community action to upgrade the quality of life in the cities were taken over by local civil rights groupsin the s, the united states embarked on a journey to resolve the "american dilemmaquadagno shows that nixon, who initially supported many of johnson's programs, eventually caught on that the white middle class was disenchantedfrom reconstruction to lyndon johnson and beyond, quadagno reveals how american social policy has continually foundered on issues of racethe color of welfare reveals the root cause of this failure-the inability to address racial inequalityin the color of welfare, jill quadagno takes exception to these claims, placing race at the centre of the "american dilemma," as swedish economist gunnar myrdal did half a century ago" yet instead of finally instituting full democratic rights for all its citizens, the policies enacted in that turbulent decade failed dismally

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  • I have 13 health and social care books for salethese books will help for anyone doing level 2,3,4 or five health and social care diploma or nvqi can send photos of all the booksall but one is like new

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  • Length from shoulder  to  hem cm bust/chest cm collar cm fabric: 100  cotton garment care: machine wash made in:  india thanks for supporting oxfam to provide farming families with healthy, locally sourced livestock like goats or cows, along with necessary training in how to care for them bnwot john rocha  - size xxl - white - men's shirt 5f-su1 see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop shirley this is a casual men's white shirt, with a blue floral pattern, a pocket on the front left side, white buttons running down the middle, and spare buttons that come with it,  size xxl, the brand is debenhams john rocha, it is brand new without tags  measurements approx

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  • john lewis  - size 12 - white -  women's jacket 2j-su1 see oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop shirley ***stylish lines*** women's white jacket, size 12 - eur 40, the brand is john lewis, in very good conditionlength cm waist  cm garment care: machine wash made in:  uk in an emergency taking care of your family is the priority and your support can help to put food on the table in times of crisis  measurements approx

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  • In richard nixon, award-winning biographer john ahis staff of bright young men devised forward-thinking reforms addressing health care, poverty, civil rights, and protection of the environmentbut nixon had another legacy: an america divided and polarisedwithin four years of that first win, nixon would be a senator; in six, the vice president; and then presidentsee oxfam website for delivery information read morefinally, in august , two years after the watergate scandal, nixon became the only president to resign in disgracerichard nixon is a magisterial portrait of the man who embodied post-war american political cynicism - and was destroyed by itit was a fine legacy, but nixon cared little for itbeginning in , when young navy lieutenant 'nick' nixon returned from the pacific and set his cap at congress, farrell traces how this idealistic dreamer became the ruthless man we remember nixon as todayfarrell examines the life and legacy of one of america's most controversial political figuresit was nixon who launched the mccarthy era, who set south against north, and who spurred the silent majority to despise and distrust the country's elitehe aspired to make his mark on the world stage instead, and his opening to china was the first great crack in the cold waroxfam books & music lichfield a sunday independent book of the yeara deeply researched, superbly crafted biography of america's most complex president

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  • In paging god: religion in the halls of medicine, cadge shifts attention away from the ongoing controversy about whether faith and spirituality should play a role in health care and back to the many ways that these powerful forces already function in healthcare today  from chapels to intensive care units to the morgue, hospital caregivers speak directly in these pages about how religion is part of their daily work in visible and invisible wayswhen three-quarters of americans believe that god can cure people who have been given little or no chance of survival by their doctors, how do today's technologically sophisticated health care organizations address spirituality and faith? through a combination of interviews with nurses, doctors, and chaplains across the united states and close observation of their daily routines, wendy cadge takes readers inside major academic medical institutions to explore how today's doctors and hospitals address prayer and other forms of religion and spiritualityoxfam shop dumfries while the modern science of medicine often seems nothing short of miraculous, religion still plays an important role in the past and present of many hospitalssee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • Handsome dad is a stunning maltese also fully health testedpuppies are of highest quality, both parents are extensively health tested?????? mum and dad were health checked before breeding to ensure we are breeding healthy puppiesthe health and welfare of our puppies is paramount to us, thank you for your understandingso you can rest assured your puppy has the very best care and start in lifeall puppies are immunised, deflead, wormed, health checked by and micro chipped before going to their new forever homesregistered and extensively health tested and clear for the following- mum a very sweet nature is a miniature poodle she is health tested clear for:- *pra prcd *von willebrand disease type 1 *neonatal encephalopathy *rcd4 pra / lopra dad a stunning maltese he is a real little character full of charisma, he is health tested clear for these bred specific disorders:- *degenerative myelopathy *glycogen storage disease *hyperuricosuiria *malignant hyperthermia *pra prcd kennel club pedigrees and health certificates are here to seethis is an outstandingly gorgeous litter of maltipoo puppies boys and girls available, mum is a real character, she is fully health testeda non refundable holding fee of £350 will secure your puppymaltipoos are easy to train having the poodle intelligence and the lap dog maltese traitsbe aware there are lots of puppy scams at the moment so it is very important you buy your puppy only from a licensed breeder***ready now*** mum is our gorgeous miniature poodle she can be seen with her adorable puppies she is a fantastic mum and really enjoying caring for her litter of babiesmany celebrities have a maltipoo including rihanna, ellen degeneres, carmen electra, ashley tisdsle and moreboth parents are ki also want to know a little about yourself and why you would like a puppypuppies will be ready to go to their new furever homes from the 14th of julyi am now taking non refundable holding fees for the these irresistible puppies, viewings are by appointment onlypup dates will be sent weekly by video and photos of your chosen puppyi am very proud as my puppies often go to homes as therapy dogs for special needs and therapy dogs in schoolsthank you for your understandingi have been inspected by a vet and my local authority who assessed and approved my breeding practicesi am a fully licenced home breeder specialising in therapy dogsi hold a canine and feline first aid certificate, i am an animal myofascial therapist, dog trainer and offer you a life time of supportcouncil approved and vet inspected licenced home breederthe maltipoo keeps their cute puppy look into adulthood they tend to have a forever young look that just makes them so adorablei do not answer anonymous phone calls or answer your enquiry unless you tell me about your selfmy puppies have gone to homes and schools to be therapy dogs for disabledour puppies are brought up in our home, socialised in every aspect and used to all house hold noises, they are paper, puppy pad and crate trainedbefore viewings due to the rise in puppy thefts, i require 2 forms of identity, drivers licence and utility bill or passporti give you invaluable training tips whether you are a first time puppy owner or experienced dog owner you will find our training tips extremely usefulreservations have and can be made over telephone, email communication and photos* the defra dog breeding regulations october uk says all breeders selling puppies must have a licencei ask you not to visit any other puppies before visiting us, because you can bring infection to our puppiesmaltipoos do not moult as both parent breeds the poodle and maltese are non mouldingdad a maltese studthis is for security of our puppies, their welfare is of upmost importance to uspuppies are expected to grow to about 12 inches to the shoulder when fully grownpuppies come with a comprehensive puppy pack including follow on puppy food, puppy pads, toys, scent blanket smelling of mum and litter mates

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  • All health testing paperwork is here and copies will leave with your chosen babypuppies will have had there first vaccination and a health check from our trusted vetthey will be micro chipped, registered to myself with all transfer paperwork provided and there flea and worming will all be up to date all this is detailed in a care sheet given to you, giving you all the information your vet will require to continue there treatmentsthey will also leave with a blanket, some soft toys, the same as they have had here, they all have a favourite, the care sheet including all our contact information for any help and advice you may need once you get your new baby home and a hill science puppy packmy puppies will not cower when they meet you, they are all very active, happy and love contact with all they meetwe are council licenced and inspected by our own vets twice yearly to ensure everything is as it should bei ask that you will please keep in touch when you can and send me a photo from time to time, they really do make my day and to hear of there progress is just fantasticall parents and babies are fed with hills giving them the best startlast little f1 boy availableborn and raised in the family home they're used to all household noises, children, other dogs and catsa £500 deposit secures your chosen babydegenerative myelopathy gangliosidosis neonatal encephalopathy with seizures osteochondrodysplasia progressive retinal atrophy progressive retinal atrophy (pra-prcd) (pra-prcd) von willebrand disease i (vwd1) mum is clear of by parentage of familial nephropathy (fn(c)) progressive retinal atrophy (pra-prcd) (pra-prcd) mum and dad are both here and will be more than happy to meet youi insist that they go to a home with either a stay at home mummy or daddy or another dog for company, they're far to precious to me to be left alone all dayready for there forever homes on the now read moredad is dna clear tested for

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  • We are delighted to announce our litter has arrived we have 1 male left available from our litter of 7 our aim is to breed for health and quality and to breed towards the breed standard rocky is available to 5 star home only he is a very special boy he was born with a slight cleft lip his pallet is completely closed on the advise from our vet this won’t cause him any future health problems mum to pups is our gorgeous loving minnieshe has the most amazing temperament and lives in our home with 4 young children, minnie is health tested under the french bulldog health scheme to silver and is 4 panel health tested clear boas -grade 1 unaffected heart - normal patella- 1/1 cmr1-clear dm- clear huu- clear hsf-4 - clear dad to litter is newgenbullys baymax he is fully suited red no white he has an incredible pedigree including gold sierra felippe he is an amazing example of the breed with an outstanding temperament he is hc and hsf-4 -clear dm- clear there will be no hereditary health issues passed on to the puppieswe give our puppies the very best start to life they are handled daily with lots of love and cuddles they are brought up in our family home with the best love and care socialising with our other pets and 4 young children, they are used to all household noises and will leave us happy sociable and confident little puppiespuppies will be ready to leave early november they will be kc registered, vet checked with 1st vaccination given wormed to date, microchipped, 4 weeks free insurance, a contract and puppy pack to take home with you mums health test certificates are available to see on viewing puppy’s we offer a lifetime of help and support with your new family member puppies are only available to 5 star family homes we ask for a £300 non refundable deposit to secure a puppy we offer viewings from 4 weeks old if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact m read more

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  • john lewis & partner rachel cotbed a pine cot bed with a white finish from john lewis & partnersit also features a pocket sprung interior to help support your baby's back, neck and head to keep baby comfortably supported all night long fabric composition: outer cover - 100% polyester, inner cover- 100% polyester trevira and coating - 100% pu, piping- 100% polyester care instructions: inner cover; wipe clean only outer cover: machine washable at 60 degree conditions: used but in perfect conditions and clean collection: pick up from london se12 (i can deliver if within 1 mile from se12 and paid upfront) payment: cash on collection or paypal price: £195 for both items or £100 each if sold separately bonus: i’ll include free of charge a john lewis waterproof mattress cover worth £25mothercare luxury anti allergy pocket spring cot bed mattress • dual core that uses two cores: coir for baby and pocket spring for toddler • inner cover made with a vapour permeable waterproof fabric, the sealed core stops the transmission of fluids into the core • machine washable outer cover made with anti-microbial and anti-fungal materials • dimensions: 140 x70cm this luxury mattress features a hypo-allergenic outer cover which has been treated with a probiotic to actively reduce allergens created by house dust mites which is a major factor in childhood asthmaadditionally, due to the extra end panels supplied, the cot bed is suitable from birth and can be converted into a junior/toddler bedit has fixed sides, three base positions and includes teething railsdimensions: l144 x w79 x h103cm mattress size required: l140 x w70cm conditions: used but in very good conditions and cleanit only shows a couple of small yellowish stains on the railsself-assembly required (original instructions included)

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  • Oxfam shop darley street this is the only book written for nvq level 4 care and foundation degrees in health and social careit provides complete coverage of both the nvq 4 care core units and the foundation degree in care guidelinessee oxfam website for delivery information read moretopics are illustrated with case studies featuring real life examples followed by in-depth and searching questionsfurther research sections extend the reader's knowledge and understanding of the subjectevidence collection boxes encourage and enable candidates to collect the evidence required for their portfolio

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  • Making sense of research in nursing, health and social careeach month we recycle over 2author:moule, pam3 million books, saving over tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites

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  • health and social care organizations in the united kingdom are increasingly being asked to work together across long-standing agency boundaries, and many practitioners are finding these new collaborations very difficult to achieve

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