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  • healthy fish buyer must transport and collectlarge carp 7 /9 inch long

    45 €

  • Selling big bertha she comes from a jumbo bloodline and will make a mahoosive fish, she is only 3 and is already this big, nice clean healthy fish read more

    50 €

  • Ob zebras available healthy fish have bred in the past collection only from birchington 4-5inchs £7 ono read more

    7 €

  • I am selling my tropical fish tank set up, including a variety of healthy fish, ornaments, gravel, heater, pump and led lighted canopy and also pine cupboard it sits on if required, buyer must collect from s20 halfway area, all healthy fish include platties, swordtails, neon and cardinal tetras, lemon barbs, ground eating fish, whiteclouds 35 inch wide, 12 inch depth, 15 inch high

    75 €

  • A healthy active shoal of around 20 fishtropical fish rainbow /ruby/red tail sharks tiger barbsquick sale for £100up to 5inches in lengthshops would sell the shoal for over £200first to see will buy

    100 €

  • healthy fish and takes fish and mussels from handhealthy motoro stingray for sale approx 12” in length and 8” wingspanthis fish will require a large tank at least 6ft and preferably larger read morereluctant sale but circumstances require rehoming

    150 €

  • healthy fish supplied in transport bags for easy collection from worcester park kt4fish are of my own personal collectionguppy beautiful live tropical fish fry guppies are one of the most colorful tropical freshwater fish in the worldthey are a great fish to start with when beginning to build an aquarium, or learning to care for fishwith a properly equipped aquarium, proper feeding, and careful handling, these fish can thriveive included a photo of my adult fish to give you an idea of what these will look like when fully grown:) 10 x fry = £5 collection in person onlyfry are 1 month old and mixed male & femalesthey are small, easy and inexpensive to take care of

    5 €

  • I have for sale good size pond fish all strong healthy fish 12 in total £6 each or lot for £60 préféré collect but may deliver it you want all of them and are local read more

    60 €

  • 4 silver dollars tropical fish good sized fish price is for the 4 fish healthy fish

    40 €

  • Very nice and healthy fishthis is tropical fishtwo silver dollar fish for saleselling bcoz too many fish in my tank

    20 €

  • healthy fish in good condition as is the tank and accessoriesincludes all cold water fish in the tankbio orb fish tank with pump, light and filter

    30 €

  • All healthy fishgold fish for pondvarious sizes from 3 inch to 6 inchcollection onlyselling all together

    70 €

  • It comes with fish tank, 3 healthy fish, 3 ordiments and stones, filter and fish foodin amazing condition just don't have the time to sort it out any more

    35 €

  • Forsale clown fish bonded pair male and female, one is about 2" and the other about 3" great looking healthy fishcollection from ls13 4js also some live rock and xenia coral frags for sale

    20 €

  • healthy fish eating blood worms and brine shrimpmale and female betta fish for same beautiful colours on them sill young 35 months old there 3 females for £5 or 1 male for £5 its your pick of fishthere's 30 to pick from males and females i will not mail them so please don't ask and its pick up only

    5 €

  • Bristlenose feather fin fishposted by shakar in pets for sale, fish in halifaxkids don’t like it

    5 €

  • Lovely healthy fish approx 4 inches needs large tank 4 foot tropical fishposted by peter in pets for sale, fish in brislington

    4 €

  • Yung guppy fish for salebeatiful fish with very vibrant colours,very active and healthy fish comes from a disease free tankthere will be roughly 8 females and 7 males

    10 €

  • Large multicoloured fan tail pond fishalso fish food and pond cleaner

    25 €

  • All beautiful healthy fish but due to moving im having to selllovely peacefull fish to watch and good includedeach fish can grow to 20cm each in totalfast sale as need gone asap preferbly today saving five pound more on what i paidcollection loughton

    30 €

  • Hi there lovely healthy fish kept outside unheatednot the best lookers in the world but still some good fish to be had and priced to sell i can bag fish any questions please text or call any time

    15 €

  • Very healthy fishfor sale 3 discus fish in turquise coloursjust selling because i have to many discus fish in my tanksize around 8-9 cm lenght

    25 €

  • Very healthy beautiful looking fishsize is 2 inches plusapprox 7 months oldbelieve one male one femaleno disease in tank currently kept at 22 degreesone is rather bigger than the other2 x golden barbs

    10 €

  • They are young very healthy fish there not fry as i’ve let them get to a healthy strong size so more suitable to be introduced to a new tankgood homes only with a suitable size tank as they will get a lot biggerany questions feel free to ask read morehi, i have got sale 16 baby dalmatian molliescollection warrington, i won’t postthey will also get more black spots

    3 €

  • Selling one of big boys, measuring 22inch from nose to tail, massive fish, very clean and healthy, sad to see go but i have to make room read more

    100 €

  • 2 beautiful angel fish around 2-4 inch very excellent healthy fish i want to change set up so hence i am looking to regime them in a community tank with neon tetra and molly and glow tips £6 each or pair for £10

    6 €

  • Both very healthy fish and really easy to look afterselling 2 tropical angle fishone is a marble angle and the other one is a black koi anglenot sure about their gender

    10 €

  • Very healthy fish it is hot water fish

    3 €

  • healthy fish and tank in great conditionfull set up includes tank, fish and accessories40cmx 40cmx40cm

    60 €

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