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  • The theory and practice in the history of relations between the statescan be collected from ol6 7ps or posted to youstandard work on the subject50 in uk read more(11) postage £3

    2 €

  • Certified maplin 4-way f splitter with power pass on all portscertified maplin 4-way f splitter with power pass on all portsmaplin 4-way f splitter is a high quality compact uhf/vhf splitter with power pass to both portscondition is new

    5 €

  • Great if you have a large kitchen and harvest lots of fruit or veg? could be fun in a shop too read morea set of green circa 's green grocer scales in green made by f h fry of cambridge

    350 €

  • 43 inch screen comes with all the lead's remote good condition tv f&h make will negotiate price with the right buyer first to see will buy

    50 €

  • 11 cd's from various artists beginning with 'f', 'h' & 'k', selling as a bundle for £20

    20 €

  • 11 cd's from various artists beginning with 'f', 'h' & 'k', selling as a bundle for £17

    17 €

  • 11 cd's from various artists beginning with 'f', 'h' & 'k', selling as a bundle for £18 to include postage in the uk

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  • Minor signs of use on the cover, including adhesive residue in the upper right corner of a sticker on the back cover, ex-libris stamp on the inside coverhere and there light brown age-related spots on a few pagesvolume one xvii – 323 ppvolume two xvii – ppour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storeare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websitelondon: sampson low, marston, searle, & rivingtonhardcover, back with gold printbesides that considering the age in very good conditiona physical treatise on electricity and magnetism – jcatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available

    35 €

  • Will be sent insuredprovenance: - with ex-libris of henri joseph francotte - with ex-libris of jozelf van den heuvel see picturespaper is slightly tannedour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storewith marbled endpapersare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki website19th-century half-leather binding with gilt-stamped spineengraved title page and 15 full-page illustrationscatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally availablebinding in good condition, with only minor wearsancti belgi ordinis praedicatorum (

    147 €

  • 0x teleconverter boosts focal length to 800mm equivalent weatherproof lens body offers all-environment shooting easy to use switches for convenient focusing 15 lens elements in 13 groups 2 ued lenses nano surface coating power obrand new boxed and unused8 lens is a lightweight, compact and high speed telephoto lens that’s the perfect match for handheld photography on a panasonic micro four thirds mirrorless cameraoptical image stabiliser circular 9 diaphragm blade design aperture from f/2compatible with both lumix g 4k video and dual image stabilisation 2, this lens embodies leica’s strict quality standards and delivers ultra-telephoto image and video footage with outstanding image quality4x teleconverter boosts focal length to 560mm equivalent optional 2panasonic h-es200e 200 mm leica dg elmarit lens offering a 35mm equivalent focal length of 400mm, the leica dg elmarit 200mm f/28 lens (equivalent to 400mm in 35mm terms) included 18 to f/m closest focusing distance splash, dust, and freeze proof 77mm filter size weighs approxperfect condition

    1500 €

  • Genuine toshiba c50-a series screen lcd cableyourbargaincentre - genuine toshiba c50-a series screen lcd cable p/n: f, hsecond class standard

    3 €

  • Very decently in the bindingwithout inscriptionour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storelabel with number on the spinewith an illustrated title pageare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websiteoriginal marbled (publisher’s?) covername on the flyleaf (wcatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available

    34 €

  • Hp deskjet f printer with power pack and 2-pack ink cartridgescomputer cables and manual are not available, unfortunately

    10 €

  • Delta electronics adp-15fb rev:l h working power supply for scanner or any other device requiring 12v dc at 1input range 200v - 240v ac hz fixed uk plug type - 3 pin 13amp output fitted with magnetic choke and barrel connector centre (+) collection possible from stechford, birmingham uk

    5503 €

  • Wolfcraft water pump l/h machine: power drills plastic case, version: self-priming thread connection: 19 mm (3/4

    20 €

  • Type: hose pumpx yellow sticky glue paper insect trap catcher killer fly aphids wasp lotceramic shaft core, universal for freshwater and seawaterenergy efficientpump shaft position: horizontal

    11 €

  • Born into a working-class family in yorkshire, hinsley was ordained for the diocese of leeds in and proceeded to hold important posts in rome, where he restored the fortunes of the venerable english college, and africa, where he successfully promoted catholic education and missionary activityto his surprise, he was appointed archbishop of westminster in and had to deal with governments not always sympathetic to the catholic community's demand for equalityhis time at westminster coincided with a turbulent period in european and global politicsthough a supporter of franco's spain, he ferociously condemned nazism and fascism during the second world war and castigated those italian cardinals who favoured mussolinisee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop colne road in this first major biography of cardinal arthur hinsley, james hagerty traces the life and ministry of one of the most popular english churchmen of the twentieth centuryperhaps his most surprising initiative was support for the ecumenical sword of the spirit movement, an attempt to reach out to other christian denominations in a crusade to restore christian ideals in public lifehe had also to address social and economic issues which affected his church, and lead an episcopal bench which included experienced bishops who were intensely jealous of their diocesan jurisdictions

    10 €

  • 5 ft ??t?nd? v?r??t?l?t??h?? r??ult? ?n ? n?tur?l ?????r?n?? ?f th? ?ub???t w?th?n th? ?m?g??????t??n?l b??kgr?und blur w?th ? m???mum ???rtur? ?f f/1the photographs are of the actual lens for sale which will be securely packaged for mailing to your home fully insured or you can collect from my home in poole, dorsetfrom wex photo/video th? n?k?n ?f-? 50mm f/1wh?n u??d ?n ? d? d?lr, th? 50mm l?n? ??t? ?? ? 75mm ??rtr??t l?n? w?th th? ?ub???t f?ll?ng m?r? ?f th? fr?m? ken rockwell loves the lens saying… this af-s lens rules for real shooting4 ?nd n?k?n’? un?qu? r?und?d 9-bl?d? d???hr?gm, it r?nd?r? ? r?m?rk?bl? ?m??th, n?tur?l b??kgr?und blurshoot it in the dark, and the images are sharp, and dead-on in-focus with any of the cameras i've triedcomes in excellent condition and complete with hood, front and rear caps, carrying case, instructions and original box4g l?n? ?? ? f??t, f???d f???l-l?ngth n?kk?r l?n? w?th ? bu?lt-?n ??l?nt w?v? ??t?r (?w?) t? ?n?bl? ?m??th ?nd qu??t ?ut?f??u??h? b??kgr?und blur ?? ???gg?r?t?d th?nk? t? ?t? f/1this lens has had very light use and would make an excellent addition to your photography setupwh?n u??d ?n ?n f? d?lr, th? ??r????t?v? r?nd?r?d b? th? 50mm n??rl? m?t?h?? th? hum?n ???4g ?ff?r? ? ?l?????, “n?rm?l” (50mm) ?ngl? ?f v??w wh?n u??d ?n ?n f?-f?rm?t d?lr ?r 35mm f?lm ??m?r?wh?n u??d ?n ? d?-f?rm?t ??m?r?, h?w?v?r, ?t b???m?? ?n ?d??l ??rtr??t l?n?, ???r???m?t?ng th? m?d?r?t? t?l??h?t? ??r????t?v? ?f ? 75mm l?n? ?n ?n f?-f?rm?t d?lr ?r 35mm f?lm ??m?r??h? h?gh-qu?l?t? ??t???l ???t?m d?l?v?r? f?nt??t?? ?m?g? qu?l?t?, m?n?m???ng b?th fl?r? ?nd ?hr?m?t?? ?b?rr?t??n?h?? m?k?? ?t ?n ?d??l l?n? f?r ??rtr??t? - ?ub???t? ??n b? ???l?t?d fr?m th??r b??kgr?und? f?r ? dr?m?t?? ??m????t??n ?h? ?f-? n????r 50mm f/1a very fast prime lens having a focal length of 50mm on an fx full frame camera body or 75mm on a dx cropped sensor body?l??? f??u??ng t? 1

    225 €

  • Transceiver is fitted with cw narrow filter 500hz,output power in excess of 140 watts on 20m£375 ono collectedkenwood h/f transceiver lineup,comprising ts-520se,at-200 atu,sp-520 speaker,vfo-520 vfo,mc-50 desk mic,all in vgc and fully working

    375 €

  • He helped prince louis-napoléon bonaparte (future napoleon iii) take back power in arenenbergdivided into three parts: france and prussia - austria - spain - germanyimprisoned in the citadel of doullens, there he wrote his memories before he diedafter this new failure, he was sentenced to 20 years in prisoncatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally availableafter this failed attempt parquin and the other conspirators (including the prince, persigny) were arrested, he defended himself thus: "thirty-three years ago, as a citizen and a soldier, i swore an oath to napoleon and his dynastyred canvas binding with gold friezes and titlesour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storea copy in more than good conditionwounded by a bayonet blow during a clash with the bavarian infantry at the battle of hanau, he was appointed captain of the régiment de chasseurs à cheval of the guardover 20 colour chromo-lithographs, some on double pagefront plate with two vignettes and the portrait of the captain, a palm branch with ribbondenis-charles parquin, ( paris ) noted by the emperor during a visit to the tuileries, he was knighted in the legion of honour and enlisted in the imperial guardrecit de guerre-souvenirs du capitaine parquin publisher: boussod valadon, paris, dessin par fdupray, walker, lthe affaire dreyfuss is just around the corner () and remembering the past glories of the armée seems the only way to escape the democratic straits of the third republicare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websitelarge gold monogram on the back plateparquin again helped louis-napoleon during his second attempt, in boulogne (august )sergent, marius roy intrduction par frederic masson in folio, leg168 pages illustrated with b/w drawings, in the text and tipped-in (sometimes on double page)an editorial operation strongly supported by the french military hierarchy, which saw its caste status devalued

    45 €

  • Іdеаl fоr dосumеntаrу fіlmіng, thе fѕ7 tаkеѕ bоth е-mоunt аnd а-mоunt lеnѕеѕ, оfferѕ 4к/2к rаw аnd хаvс rесоrdіng орtіоnѕ, аnd саn ѕhооt а mахіmum оf 180fрѕ іn full нd wіth nо ѕасrіfісе іn bіt dерthтhе ѕоnу рхw-fѕ7 саmсоrdеr іѕ а flехіblе, ѕеmі-ѕhоuldеr mоuntеd ѕuреr 35mm хаvс саmсоrdеr сараblе оf ѕhооtіng brоаdсаѕt-ѕtаndаrd 4к іmаgеѕ аt 10 віt 4:2:2 uр tо 60р

    4200 €

  • Тhе nіkоn d іѕ а соmрасt еntrу-lеvеl dѕlr wіth а lаrgе 24тhе d'ѕ еrgоnоmіс аnd lіghtwеіght bоdу fеаturеѕ аn 11-роіnt аutоfосuѕ ѕуѕtеm, 5fрѕ burѕt ѕhооtіng, р vіdео, аn еаѕу-tо-uѕе guіdе моdе аnd а bаttеrу lіfе thаt оffеrѕ аррrох2-mеgаріхеl арѕ-с смоѕ ѕеnѕоrсоmbіnеd wіth thе vеrѕаtіlе mm vr zооm lеnѕ, thіѕ ѕеt uр іѕ реrfесt fоr еvеrуdау рhоtоgrарhу

    479 €

  • Thanks i in lisburn northern irelandvery good birdsone pair of pakistan h

    30 €

  • Selling for £ of marine radio for sale, bought for kayaking but never usedi have an icom ic-m73 euro viv given up my kayaking for health reasons so no longer have a use for itthis is a must have for all on water pursuits especially kayaking, immaculate condition and a very good v

    160 €

  • Yоu’vе gоt ѕіх dіffеrеnt frаmеѕ rаtеѕ thаt mеаn уоu саn ехреrіmеnt wіth уоur vіdео wоrk аnd knоw уоu wіll gеt ѕmооth fооtаgе90 аf роіntѕ wіth рhаѕе & соntrаѕt dеtесtіоn аfтhе fuјіfіlm х100f іѕ thе аbіlіtу tо сарturе ѕоmе rеаllу dеtаіlеd р mоvіng іmаgеѕ

    699 €

  • C o m e s w i t h a p a i r o f h e a d p h o n e s f o r t h e p i a n o a s w e l lcollection in person onlyc o l l e c t i o n o n l y

    266 €

  • The fz forza power 988 f racket is head heavy and has a kevlar® reinforced shaft for maximum powerpick the shaft and the racket that fits your style of play and prepare to dominate with power on the badminton courtsthe titanium reinforced frame makes sure your shots stay within the lines

    121 €

  • 48h power reservean intermediate wheel between the tiny pinion and the rest of the train allows great balance and low profile without reducing robustnessbalance equipment ufeatures: manual windingsecond hand at 6 o'clockbeautiful cyma vintage piece, with unused boxit has a mark on dial (original, not restored) at 3 o'clock that, on the other hand, adds personality to it5 '' ', diameter: 34 mmregistered and insured shippingcomes with citizen case

    108 €

  • Class-compliant drivers enable use with tablets like the ipad when using an optional power supplythere is plenty free stuff onlinethe audio design features high-performance, musical components like ne op amps for rich sound quality without colouring the sourcei can't get into pc music, daws etca pair of ultra-hdda mic preamps provide up to 57 db of gain and the best noise and distortion specs in their classthe following is off tascam sitetried a few times onlythis is complete except for software as that was registered in my nameincluded in this complete recording bundle is tascam’s us-2x2 usb audio interface, tm-80 studio condenser microphone with shockmount, th-02 headphones, the us-2x2 is a 2-in/2-out usb interface, bus powered from your windows or mac computerit includes a shockmount to reduce unwanted low-frequency noise from the floor and a desktop stand for easy setupthe tm-80 is a condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic ideal for vocals, drums, and acoustic instrumentsthe th-02 closed-back headphones provide acoustic isolation from the environment while recording and a good reference during mixdownwith everything included for capturing and reproducing audio with your computer, trackpack 2x2 offers an affordable and easy way to launch your first computer-recording studiothe trackpack 2x2 assembles everything you need to record music on your computer

    135 €

  • Automatic movement with 25 jewels, swiss made eta valjoux calibre, alternations f= a/h, 46-hour power reservebeautiful lorenz automatic chronograph, valjoux refmineral crystal in excellent conditionfor countries outside the european union, please note that any applicable customs duties/charges are the responsibility of the buyerscrew-down case back, engraved reference and lorenz logooriginal stainless steel strap with logo total strap diameter including case: 19 cm total watch weight (including strap and buckle): 163 g original box with no paperscarefully view the photos as they are integral to the descriptionthe chronograph part starts and stops correctlyour weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any storestainless steel case, diameter 41 mm (excluding crown), thickness 142 mm, stainless steel crown and buttonsblack dial with embossed logo at 3 o'clock, silver chrono sub-dials, date at 3 o'clock with quick-set, luminescent markers and handsare you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawikiplease click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki websitein excellent conditionshipping via international express courier with trackingcatawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available

    164 €

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