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  • Oxfam shop cottingham in chris ware's own words, 'building stories follows the inhabitants of a three-flat chicago apartment house: a thirty-year-old woman who has yet to find someone with whom to spend the rest of her life; a couple who wonder if they can bear each other's company for another minute; and finally an elderly woman who never married and is the building's landladymarks on box cover picturedfirst photograph is a stock picturesee oxfam website for delivery information read more'the scope, the ambition, the artistry and emotional heft of this project are beyond anything even chris ware has achieved beforecondition: completecontents in excellent condition

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  • Topics includes: stories of prophets building good characters £10 for the lotcollection from e7 0py or might be able to deliver locallythank you for lookingten great islamic booksplz look at my other great cheap book bundles, clearing my children books as no longer neededpostage service available

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  • Shifu plugo letters - word building with stories & puzzles new

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  • Learning resources plot blocks story building activity setcreate new stories with every roll with plot blocksengage primary children in a variety of creative writing activities as they roll the cubes to combine different characters, objects and actions before arranging them on a setting mat of their choice

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  • In the title story, on a murky evening in a club off st james, a paranormal detective recounts his most memorable case, one whose horrifying denouement took place in that very buildingoxfam bookshop st albans from the foggy streets of victorian london to the eerie perfection of s suburbia, the everyday is invaded by the otherworldly in this unforgettable collection of new ghost stories from the bestselling author of the woman in black'alice baker' tells the story of a mysterious new office worker who is accompanied by a lingering smell of decaythis paperback edition includes the chilling 'printer's devil court' in which three medical students make an unholy pact whose consequences will pursue one of them to the grave - and perhaps beyondand in 'the front room', a devoutly christian mother tries to protect her children from the evil influence of their grandmother, both when she is alive and afterwardssee oxfam website for delivery information read morea lonely boy makes a friend in 'boy number 21', but years later is forced to question the very nature of that friendshipthis is susan hill at her best, telling characteristically creepy and surprising tales of thwarted ambition, terrifying revenge and supernatural stirrings that will leave you wide-awake long into the night

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  • In 'wallpaper wendy', bob discovers that decorating isn't as easy as building work'wendy's big match' sees bob struggling to tidy his yard in time for a builder's contest, while in 'dizzy's statues', mrs potts' garden statue is put up the wrong way round in bob's absencein 'bob's white christmas', bob has to rescue dizzy from a snowdrift and get back in time to play santa at the school carol concert! 'lofty to the rescue' sees spud creating chaos when lofty, scoop and muck attempt to clear logs for the new bridgesee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam shop kingsthorpe five animated adventures with bob the builder, as voiced by neil morrissey

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  • Children's music & audio storiesschool & studiesaction & adventurein individual cases, it can happen that a book deviates from the edition statedwe try to assess the exact condition of the goods as objectively as possible

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  • Section one describes how we all live our lives through story, how problems may arise because of the stories people have created, how we can make stories come true, for good or for ill, and how we can work with stories to achieve better outcomesshifting stories explores the power of stories in organisational life and will help you take a new approach to: helping people who feel stuck, energising individuals who wish to change, getting teams to work more effectively, resolving interpersonal problems, helping people through organisational change, dealing with conflict, working on yourselfshifting stories will be of strong interest to trainers, coaches, change agents, and leaders who seek to help individuals and teams to be more effective at worksection three consolidates the ideas of the book, looking firstly at the few occasions when this approach hasn't worked and what we can learn from thatcorners of cover very slightly worn and curledwritten in three sections, what's the big idea?, the manystory approach in practice, and concluding thoughts, each section works towards the reader having a deeper understanding of how to create a better future at workoxfam shop kendal paperback in excellent condition with clean and bright pagessection two details how we can apply the manystory approach, with case studies exploring coaching, teamwork, leading change, and resolving conflictthis section also looks to the future and invites readers to share their experiencessee oxfam website for delivery information read morea dedication from the author on the title pages

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  • This new edition increases the selection from 27 to 33 stories and prints them in the order in which they first appeared, in the definitive texts established by anthony alpersthe stories that pay what mansfield calls 'a debt of love' to new zealand are as sharply etched as the european stories, and she recreates her childhood world with mordant insightthis selection covers the full range of mansfield's fiction, from her early satirical stories to the subtly nuanced comedy of 'the daughters of the late colonel' and the macabre and ominous 'a married man's story'disruption is a constant theme, whether the tone is comic, tragic, nostalgic, or domestic, echoing mansfield's disrupted life and the fractured expressions of modernism' virginia woolf virginia woolf was not the only writer to admire mansfield's work: thomas hardy, dlawrence, and elizabeth bowen all praised her stories, and her early death at the age of thirty-four cut short one of the finest short-story writers in the english languagesee oxfam website for delivery information read morethe only writing i have ever been jealous ofoxfam shop pershore 'i was jealous of her writing

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  • The stories are grouped in eight parts in alleged chronological orderthere are large illustrations throughout the book depicting the scenes of various bible storiespublished in by the watch tower society is a collection of 116 bible-based storiesthe stories are put into simple language so that young children can get the sense of themat the end of each story are scriptural references to portions of the bible from which the stories are takencitations at the end of each story provide the bible sourcein very good conditionhardcover measuring nine inches by seven and a half inches

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  • This book provides a blueprint for writing these user stories and weaving them into your development lifecyclethen, once you've compiled your user stories, learn how to organize them, prioritize them, and use them for planning, management, and testingoxfam bookshop thame the best way to build software that meets users' needs is to begin with "user stories": simple, clear, brief descriptions of functionality that will be valuable to real userssee oxfam website for delivery information read moreyou'll discover practical ways to gather user stories, even when you can't speak with your users  you'll learn what makes a great user story, and what makes a bad one

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  • Get your building blocks out and start building your own creations on this baseplatethis banbao baseplate will be the perfect foundation for anything you can dream of building with building blocksbanbao baseplate green

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  • Get your building blocks out and start building your own creations on this baseplatethis banbao baseplate will be the perfect foundation for anything you can dream of building with building blocksbanbao baseplate grey

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  • Disney sofia the first - stuck on stories use the suction cup characters and your imagination to bring these stuck on stories to life! 3 years and upuse the suction cup characters and your imagination to bring these stuck on stories to life!

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  • Posting or local collection;pj harvey - stories from the city, stories from the sea lp; reissue; read morenew and unplayed

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  • The stories change with the season'syour children will be entertained looking at the pictures that go with the storiesthis hardback book contains 366 short stories & poems, 1 for every day of the year including leap yearcollect from margate or i can post but will need to charge postage feesthere is some slight damage to one of the corners of the cover of this book, otherwise it is in a good conditionit is illustrated throughout

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  • Her ferociously funny, soulful stories tell of the gulf between men and women, the loneliness of the broken-hearted and the yearned-for, impossible intimacies we cravegathered here for the first time in a beautiful hardback edition is the complete stories along with three new and previously unpublished in book form: paper losses, the juniper tree, debarkingoxfam bookshop cheltenham since the publication of self-help, her first collection of stories, lorrie moore has been hailed as one of the greatest and most influential voices in american fictionsee oxfam website for delivery information read more

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  • And for nearly as long, stories about the sea have entertained, intrigued, and inspired readersthe greatest sailing stories ever told is a treasure trove: tears, adrenaline, laughter, and adventure aboundthe greatest sailing stories ever told brings together some of the most compelling writing of the millenniumwith contributions from: - james thurber -william fann davison - sterling hayden - ernest shackleton - tristan jones - samuel eliot morrison - joshua slocum - eforester - cleveland amory - weston martyr - peter goss - david kasanof see oxfam website for delivery information read moreon idyllic cruising; james thurber on the arcane and often impenetrable language of sailors; the legendary joshua slocum on sailing alone around the worldhere is peter goss's wrenching narrative of incredible courage in the world's most desolate ocean; ernest shackleton's understated and awesome account of one of the most daring small-boat journeys ever taken, where failure meant certain death for his long-suffering crewoxfam bookshop royal exchange square for thousands of years, man has sailed into battle, sailed for rumored wealth, and sailed for pure adventurebut sailing is much more than headlong dashes into roaring seasyou'll also find william f


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  • This collection offers some of the best stories from authors who influenced james, such as sheridan le fanu and augustus jessopp, stories from his contemporaries, such as toxfam bookshop bloomsbury street in excellent condition with just some rubbing wear to the top corners of dust-jacket (please see photo 4) "this is a collection of ghost stories in the 'antiquarian' tradition established by m', and tales from more recent practitioners, including fritz leiber and terry lamsley" see oxfam website for delivery information read moreselected and introduced by an acknowledged master of the art, the collection also includes a checklist of writers in the jamesian traditionjames' influence on the genre has been immense, both on the popular perception of what makes a successful ghost story work, and on other authors in the genrejames, who excelled at the atmospheric portrayal of legitimate scholarly interest descending into unwise curiosity, with almost invariably tragic results

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  • Here are sixty-one stories that chronicle the lives of what has been called "the greatest generationoxfam bookshop tunbridge wells the stories of john cheever by john cheever when the stories of john cheever was originally published, it became an immediate national bestseller and won the pulitzer prize" in very good conditionvintage books is proud to reintroduce this magnificent collectionsee oxfam website for delivery information read morein the years since, it has become a classicpages clean, small crease to the back cover, minor wear to the cover spine" from the early wonder and disillusionment of city life in "the enormous radio" to the surprising discoveries and common mysteries of suburbia in "the housebreaker of shady hill" and "the swimmer," cheever tells us everything we need to know about "the pain and sweetness of life

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  • stories by major figures in the english language tradition such as vit is also pan-caribbean, including stories from the four main languages of the region: english, spanish, french, and dutchthis collection of caribbean short stories features both authors born in the 19th century and much younger writers of more recent generationsnaipaul, sam sevlon, and jean rhys are set alongside their spanish- and french-speaking contemporaries like alejo carpentier, jan bosh, and gabriel garcia marqueza clean unmarked copytheir work, in all its diversity of style, theme, and linguistic energy, provides a context for the work of an exciting new generation of caribbean writers like edwidge danticat, robert antoni, astrid roemer, and jamaica kincaidoxfam bookshop st albans the caribbean is the source of one of the richest, most accessible, and yet technically adventurous traditions of contemporary world literaturesee oxfam website for delivery information read morea celebration of regional creativity, the collection contains sufficient surprises to keep even the most avid student of west indian writing turning the pages, while reminding readers that the caribbean is a multilingual, multicultural space

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  • Scott fitzgerald's short fiction, this collection spans his career, from the early stories of the glittering jazz age, through the lost hopes of the thirties, to the last, twilight decade of his lifeit brings together his most famous stories, including 'the diamond as big as the ritz', a fairy tale of unlimited wealth; the sad and hilarious stories of hollywood hack pat hobby; and 'the lost decade', written in fitzgerald's last yearssee oxfam website for delivery information read moreoxfam bookshop st albans encompassing the very best of f

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  • Age 6+ 80 pieces build my world vast building - diggerage 6+ 96 pieces build my world vast building - tipper truckage 6+ 80 pieces build my world vast building - tanker truckbrand new in box£7 brand new in box£7 £7 each or all three for £18 read more

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  • building construction handbook and construction, building services engineering & civil engineering used books £3 each

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  • Once payment has been received we will release the buildinggoogle search - midlands portable buildings ltd each new building has a 12-month warranty, which covers 12 months structural, water ingress and 12 months electricalbuilding location; midlands portable buildings ltd compound 2 airfield industrial estate new road hixon staffordshire st18 0pf collection the purchase price does not include for the transportation or loading of the unit from our depotif you can supply us with a postcode we will give you a transport estimate0m) portable cabin for salewe deliver nationwidefactory built, new (6also available in grey, blue and greencurrent lead time is 4 weeksmidlands portable buildings limitedan ideal space for an officevat will be added to the final sale pricethis is an additional optionspecification plastisol steel exterior vinyl plasterboard interior vinyl flooring 4 x double glazed windows 1 x 2kw convection heater 3 x 13amp double sockets mm fluorescent lights 1x 5amp lightswitch 1x mains circuit board steel kirncroft door c/w 10 point lock - vision panel door is not included

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  • Bblocks building planks pcs brown wood bblothese bblocks building planks, which consist of small wooden slats, are ideal for building fun structuresthe wooden slats are made of high-quality pinewood with a smooth finish, ensuring your children will never be injured by them

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  • Big building table with plastic corners for secure building on the tablehas 4 first builders building platformscompatible with the award-winning classic mega bloks first builders sets for continuing funplus a big toy box full of bloks - 149 pieces there are some scratches on the feet of the tabletable has been dismantled for easy transportationbut otherwise in great conditionhas storage area underneath keeps all first builders parts securely in one placefrom a smoke and pet free homewould make a great gift

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  • Looking for the right materials and service to ensure your building or renovation project is a success, whether it's a new home or existing we can supply the aggregate products you require, are you building a new driveway or hard standing area, we supply the stone from mot type 1/2 sub base to mm gravels and limestones used as top stone coverage based near chester with over 30 years experience in the building aggregate industry(click to reveal full phone number)(click to reveal full phone number) or mobwe provide a professional supply and delivery service within 50 miles from base, for a no obligation quote outside the area please email us at click to contact or contact us on

  • Polesie wader sandpit building blocks 120x120x23 cmyour little one will have a lot of fun building his or her own sandbox with these sandpit building blocks by polesie waderthe sandbox consists of solid blocks in 4 different colours - blue, yellow, green and red

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  • Mega blocks 1st building 120 set that includes 9 blocks extrainspire endless creativity with 120 big building blocks! build never-ending adventures with this amazing set of 120 brightly coloured building blocks made just for little hands and growing minds! now your little one can bring whole worlds to life when they use these award-winning blocks to create silly animals, towering structure or anything else they dream upthe big blocks are easy to put together and take apart, helping your child to develop fine motor skills as they build and imagine over hours of creative, open-ended play! read more

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