Antique beaker 950 silver france late 18th

Antique baby cream jug -.950 silver - France - Early 20th

antique french 950...silver baby cream jug made in france, early 20th century maker: unidentified fully hallmarked...7 cm weight: 68 grams total condition: the jug has age related wear, few minor dings...


921200027466 €

Antique large cup-.950 silver - France - Early 19th century

antique french 950...silver large cup maker: unidentified made in france...fully hallmarked dimensions - size: diameter - 8...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the...


199669998169 €

Cruet stand -.950 silver - France - Early 19th century

Cruet stand 950 silver...for france front row 950...a fine silver cruet stand for oil and vinegar...silver condition: generally in good condition this lot will be packaged with care and shipped registered...

456100006104 €

Reliquary (1) - Silver - Late 18th century

A late 18th century relic from italy...5 x 3 cm read more...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the catawiki website...are you interested in this item? this item is...

100830001831 €

Antique beaker -.950 silver - France - Late 18th century

antique late 18th century french silver beaker made in france, ca...'s hallmarked for 950...silver dimensions - approx size: diameter x height - 6...8 cm weight: 59 grams condition report: beaker is pre-owned...


281239990234 €

Teapot -.950 silver - Charles Harleux - France - Late 19th

antique french silver 19th century tea pot...made in france late 19th century maker: ha rlrux 950 silver dimensions - size: 23 x 15...2 cm approx weight: 805 grams condition: teapot has surface wear from...


359019989014 €

Tea caddy -.950 silver - France - Late 19th century

antique french silver 19th century tea caddy...made in france late 19th century maker: unidentified 950 silver dimensions - diameter x height: 11...2 cm approx weight: 236 grams condition: tea caddy has...


177809997559 €

Grape scissors -.950 silver - Christofle - France - Late

antique french silver 19th century grape scissors made in france late 19th century circa 's napoleon iii maker: christofle 950 silver dimensions - size: 16 x 5...item will be safely and securely packaged...


829599990845 €

Spatula -.950 silver - France - Late 19th century

antique french 19th century silver spatula makers mark: fm made in france, late 19th century fully hallmarked, 900 silver...3 x 3 cm approx weight: 62 grams condition: has some surface wear and tear from...


745800018311 €

6 1st grade silver oyster forks -.950 silver - France - Late

950 silver for 1st content...6 silver oyster forks...weight 85 grams...master stamp in diamond-shaped contour with l bundle arrows g...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected...

122540000916 €

Box - 18K yellow gold - France - late 18th/early 19th

antique 18k yellow gold box made in france made in late 18th/ early 19th century dimensions: 8 x 3...2 cm weight: 74 grams condition: item is pre - owned, has minor age related wear and tear, otherwise...


1 €

Fine Empire style mustard pot -.950 silver - France - Late

950) silver and lozenge with pc et compagnie, a paris silversmith active from...a very finely made mustard pot with hinged lid and reticulated body, decorated to the mid section with swans amongst garlands...

973899993896 €

Snuff box -.950 silver - France - Late 19th century

This is a beautiful french 950 silver snuff box...a good sized decorative snuff in very good condition for its age...the top of the box is decorated with a floral and scrollwork design, initials have been...


851699981689 €

Antique Late 18th Century Bow Fronted Mahogany corner cupboard

antique late 18th century bow fronted corner cupboard...collection only please...with original georgian green beautiful condition with wonderful patina...

800 €

Large size partial gilt shell sifter spoon -.950 silver -

Superb quality late 19th century solid 950 silver large size shell shaped sugar spoon sifter...the delicately pierced partial gilt bowl engraved with naturalistic decoration and the finely guilloche handle...

757600021362 €

Oil and vinegar cruet stand -.950 silver - France - Early

Exceptional quality early 19th century solid 950 silver large oval oil and vinegar cruet set with central ornated handle on four shaped feet fully hallmarked with paris assay office guarantee marks for...

311089996338 €

Candlestick (1) - Louis XVI - Wood - Late 18th century

Italian origin and can be dated back to the neoclassical period (late 18th century)...the silver plating is only on the front while on the back the candlestick is lacquered with a blue tempera...

319369995117 €

Ancient bronze plaque (1) - Bronze - Late 18th century

antique, late 18th century italian bronze plaque, made in italy...5 cm and thickness of approx...john baptist on the left...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get redirected to the...

261599998474 €

Wall mirror (2) - Wood - Late 18th century

Original antique venetian mirrors, late 18th century, in wood covered in gold leaf...dimensions: 73 x 36 cm in good condition considering its age...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to...

244880004883 €

Jardinière -.950 silver - Francois-Julien Doyen - France -

950 silver purity, and maker's mark excellent solid silver jardinière, measuring 20...this lot will be carefully packaged and sent by registered and insured mail...condition: very good, no damages...

172919998169 €

Toilet set, 18th century cream / cotton bowl (1) - Silver -

Fine silver bowl, late 18th/early 19th century silver inventory hallmark, liberty head facing left () silversmith presumably ‘r...solid silver toiletry bowl, cotton ball storage, cream jar...

138210006714 €

Two wrought iron keys - late 18th century

"two wrought iron keys - late 18th century"two keys in wrought iron, late 18th century in very good condition...two keys in wrought iron, end of the 18th century in very good condition...


Inkwell -.925 silver - Spain - Late 18th century

Inkwell in sterling silver of the 18th century rockery and leaves decor control sheet spanish silver hallmark date 77 for goldsmith: s...5 cm weight: 582 grams good condition, just to clean read more...

242690002441 €

Reliquary - Silver - Late 18th century

Italy kingdom of piedmont-sardinia a beautiful reliquary in embossed silver plate and lacquered wood...with the silver hallmarks used in the kingdom of piedmont-sardinia circa (please, see photos)...

404480010986 €

Silver shovel with handle in bone -.950 silver - France -

silver scoop, rich, 1st content silver , france with a twisted handle of bone...length 29 cm, weight 92 good condition...are you interested in this item? this item is up for auction at catawiki...

679899978638 €

Sculpture - Wood - Late 18th century

late 18th / early 19th century...the wood (probably walnut) has been patinated with silver paint to imitate the polished iron of a real helmet...southern germany or northern italy...

304170013428 €

Pepper and Salt stand -.950 silver, Etched Glass - Maître

Very rare french antique salt and pepper stand of solid...the glasses have an etched decor of acanthus leaves...visible in the photo...gross weight: 328g...the piece was made by master silversmith debain...

149740005493 €

Hall bench - Walnut, Polychrome - Late 18th century

Extraordinary majorcan bench, from the late 18th century, made with the headboard of a bed from the 18th century, polychromed, hand painted with pink, blue and gold flowers and a central cartouche with...

453369995117 €

Gravy boat -.950 silver - Late 19th century

French gravy boat in silver, hallmarked...dimensions: 25 x 16 x height 11 excellent condition; it would benefit from a good cleanup...please click on "respond to advert" (orange button) to get...

24386000061 €

Snuff box -.950 silver - Meesterteken C J in een diamantvorm

950 silver in paris...950 silver by goldsmith in paris with master stamp c j with 3 horseshoes and a clover in-between in period between...the double head of a wild boar turned to the right, probably dutch...

232630004883 €

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