Cocoon chicken coop for sale hens wakefield

Brand new cocoon chicken house coop run 8ft

Brand new cocoon chicken house coop run...ive took it out the box to put up but its not big enough for my bunch of on collection thanks £95...8ft long, treated and can house upto 3-4 birds...

95 €

Chicken coop + 2 hens in stafford

For sale here i have got a 5 week old coop + 2 young hens, the coop has got a home made run that will come with the coop and hens, this is a full set up, coop, run, food/pellets, corn, food and water despencers...

Chicken coop and run + 4 hens

I have for sale a chicken coop and run which is in total 3 meters in all comes complete with 2 pekin hens and 2 polish hens...the coop has an opening at the rear and has a metal removable tray...


95 €

Chicken coop & 3 hens

coop in good condition, will hold up to 6 hens...chicken coop and 3 hens, about 14month old and lay all year round...water and pellets feeders, layers pellets and mash included...


Large chicken coop with 4 orpington chickens

Happy to sell the coop or hens separately but ideally all together...i have for sale a very large chicken coop with 4 orpington chickens, 1 lemon cuckoo orpington cockerel and hen plus 2 gold laced orpington...


Chicken coop and also hens for sale

Nice large chicken coop for sale including the run with can either buy just the hens or the coop or both for £150...this is a large coop which can accommodate approx chickens it's in really good...

150 €

Chicken coop, five hens and one cockeral

chicken coop included...for sale 5 hens and one cockerel...five hens all laying on a regular basis and range from 6 months to 18 months...can deliver if required...

10 €

2 pekin bantam chicken hens and coop

Selling our daughters pet chickens ad we are moving the tamest docile breed of chicken ideal for children will be selling coop as well if interested 30 or ono for hens 60 for coop if bought together 90...


30 €

Chicken coop

cocoon medium chicken coop in excellent condition - hardly used! coop has front access ramp that can be locked at night, 2 perches, double nest box and ventilation window...

60 €

Chicken coop & run with 2 hens

6 month old chicken coop & run 2 large bags of food & seed 2 hens immaculate condition £80 ono...won't split coop from run contact craig...

United Kingdom

8000 €

3 bantam hens & chicken coop for sale £80 o.n.o

A chicken coop and half a bag of mixed corn for sale...hi, i have 3 one year old bantam hens, laying...buyer to collect from cambridge...

80 €

Chicken coop

cocoon chicken coop put up but not got used cost £100 asking £c x76x102 cm...

40 €

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